Formerly Your Hot Copy.

Looking for Your Hot Copy?

You’re in the right place (kinda).

BIG NEWS: We’re undergoing some major changes right now.

Long story short: I (that’s Jamie Jensen, award-winning writer + CEO) made a bold decision to shut down my copywriting agency [insert gasp here].

The bad news: The sun has set, the ship has sailed, and the wine glass bottle has been emptied on Your Hot Copy.

The good news: You can STILL get the copywriting support you need. (Keep reading for more on this.)

And now? OPTIONS.

Door #1

In case you’re wondering “WHATT?! WHAT HAPPENED? Click above and I’ll send it to your inbox, stat. You want a REAL soap opera sequence? I’ll give it to you, baby. Terrible set design and all.

Gimme dat email!

(You know I needs it to send you the goods.)

Door #2

Yup, I am currently booking clients for sales pages + rebrand copy in 2018 by application and invitation ONLY. (Spoiler: If you’re in a huge rush, this isn’t for you.)

Door #3

My incredible team is still available for copy, just no longer under my agency umbrella. Want to know how to contact them and where to find them? I’ve put together a rap sheet of the who/what/where just for YOU.

So I already know YOU’RE COOL. Wanna know why I’m cool? Cool.

Over my 4+ years in business, I’ve helped over 500 online entrepreneurs increase their sales by up to 900% with the power of the written word, trained over 50 writers in the art and science of copy, and supported copywriters in 10x’ing their biz revenue by tweaking their skills, offerings, and strategy.

If those results could talk, they’d sing along to a Karaoke rendition of “Crazy In Love” — but instead of dropping the mic, I’m gonna hand it to you.  What do you say?

No one buying?
Stop being boring.