How Laura 10x’ed Her Sales Page Investment! (And is on the way to 100x!)

Laura Wright is a fun-loving, fiscally-driven sales shimmy-er who empowers people to absolutely sell the S$%t outta their products. Expansion, confidence, more choice, and ease–these are all factors that this woman brings to businesses on the DAILY. Laura teaches people how to feel really, REALLY good about sales, how to fall deeply in love with their offers, and delivers applicable tools anyone can use to become a sales ninja.

“When you hit that magic intersection when you are fully in your confidence and in your conviction,” Laura says, “and THEN you know what to say and in what order to say it in on a sales call…I dare you not to get money!”

Your Hot Copy had the pleasure of working with this joyful money-maker on the 1-2 knock out copy punch of our Brand Slam service (to help Laura and her team hone in on their marketing focus and foundation) AND a custom sales page for her signature course, “Epic Sales on Demand.”

Laura absolutely LOVED the strategy and razor-sharped intention behind the Brand Slam (and how it really clarified her steps moving forward), telling us:

“What Jamie did I was actually able to give to ALL of my team so we’re now ALL on the same page, so it doesn’t matter who does my writing or how we communicate–we all have this idea that is the same thing. So that foundation was CRITICAL.”

While the Brand Slam set Laura up for major success, it was the Sales Page that left her giddy.

“This is the gift that keeps on giving FOREVER.  I have the ability now to do joint venture partnerships….so this is now a magic ball of goodness that is my calling card. So the value to me monetarily and the value to me intrinsically is really priceless and exponential. But if I had to put numbers on it, this is a million dollar sales page.”

At a Glance

Goal: A Solid Brand Foundation and A Signature Sales Page that converts like a BOSS...until the end of time.

Struggle: Running an empire leaves no time to write sensational copy...even if you’re a great writer.

Achievement: A CLEAR Brand Story and An Evergreen Signature Sales Page on its way to a Million $ Return!

Package: Brand Slam + Sales Page

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“I just had this moment of…this is exactly what I wanted to say…if I had to put numbers on it, this is a million dollar sales page.”

Talk about building a foundation that lasts!

To hear more about Laura’s AMAZING work teaching sassy babes to sell, her full experience working with us on copy she called “the best thing in the world,” how a YHC sales page got the lingerers AND the quickstarts to buy, and her advice to professionals on how to pay someone else AND make money, check out the video above for the full interview!