How Kate transformed her business with FRESH copy.

Confession: we love our clients.

Once in awhile, we get a client who’s so totally wonderful that we just want to work with them 4eva. Like carve your names in a tree and make that shit official “4eva.” #BFF4L level stuff.

Kate Anthony is one of those clients. Why is Kate so amazing? For starters, she’s on a fiercely passionate mission to help moms deal with their personal shit to become better parents – her business is “Don’t Fuck Up Your Kids,” and that’s a mission I can truly get behind. She’s also hilarious, gorgeous, and has no problem with swear words. (We might have been separated at birth.)

Since finding Your Hot Copy through mutual friends on the interwebs, Kate has used our All About Your About Page workbook, taken our Copy That course, and last year – after having a legit breakthrough about her brand and niche – she made the investment to have us write her website copy from scratch, and map out her email marketing funnel for her.

Not only did the copy we write help Kate create a steady revenue stream, launch her biz, grow her list, AND run her very first group program, but it expanded her vision of herself and her biz, as well!

“When I got my final deliverables, I was inspired to become the coach the copy made me out to be,” she told us. “In a very real sense, the copy Jamie wrote inspired me to step into my greatest version of myself. It challenged me to take myself as seriously as my copy did.”

Now that’s a result that makes us want to break into song and dance. 🙂

At a Glance

Goal: FGo BIG with brand vision
Struggle: Starting your copy completely from SCRATCH
Achievement: Copy TRANSFORMING how you view your biz
Package: All The Way

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the copy Jamie wrote inspired me to step into my greatest version of myself”