How Lauren increased her course sales by 900%.

It probably goes without saying that we LOVE creating stellar results for our clients.

It’s the heartbeat of this entire Your Hot Copy operation. Well, that and having a damn good time! So when we found out that our sales copy helped Lauren increase her sales by 900%, we might have peed a little.

In case you’ve never heard of Lauren Gray, she’s a hilarious and whip-smart relationship teacher, author, and coach at Also see: The daughter of John Gray, whose claim to fame is writing the BEST SELLING RELATIONSHIP BOOK of ALL TIME! #nbd (We’re talking about Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus… heard of it?).

Last year, we worked together on her second launch of an incredible course that walks women through her signature system (called You-We-Me-Time) over 6 weeks. Having tried to write her own copy in the past (“Spending hours and hours obsessing, second guessing and stressing over it only to be disappointed with my conversion rates when I went to launch my course”), Lauren was ecstatic to get the amazing copy she craved WITHOUT the anxiety and time-kill.

“Jamie has a great mind for strategy and she was able to simplify a lot of complex ideas into a clear and approachable message for my sales page. She was able to reframe my marketing message to sell my audience what they want so that my course could deliver them what they really need. All done with personality, empathy and style.

Having her brain work this puzzle for me was such a relief I could sing. At launch time I felt oodles more confident, which gave me the energy and hutzpah I needed to get ‘er done.”

A whiz at relationships and self-care, Lauren is now on the same page when it comes to outsourcing her copy to the pros. Her advice?  “I think hiring a copywriter is like an essential life-hack. Spend your time doing the things you’re good at, and hand this job to a professional.”

And y’all know who the “professionals” are, right?

(Pssst: IT’S US).

At a Glance

Goal: Life-Hack your course launch for crazy growth
Struggle: Stressing out over Every. Single. WORD.
Achievement: Spruced up an OLD program with a NEW sales page and increased sales by 900%!
Package: Launch Box

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At launch time I felt oodles more confident, which gave me the energy and hutzpah I needed to get ‘er done.”