How Carol Sold Out Her Retreat, and FAST.

If you’ve ever considered creating and running a retreat, OR created a retreat and had a hell of a hard time selling it, I wanted to share some tips with you from one of my very favorite clients.

Meet Carol Donahoe, certified life coach, adventure advocate, and HUGE proponent of play. Carol helps high-achieving superwoman types incorporate more ease into their life so they can actually enjoy all of the success they’ve worked so hard to create.

Last year, YHC had the treat of working with this bad-ass lady on the sales messaging and sales page for her signature retreat: The SoulFood Retreat. Our goal was to get as much info as we could from Carol (part of our signature strategy sesh) and create super engaging copy, so her small, committed audience would clamor for this offer.

Spoiler alert: Carol’s international retreat SOLD OUT in 10 days with ZERO dollars spent on marketing. She literally sent the sales page to her mailing list and received the first deposit 10 minutes later.

To say Carol was pleased with the copy we created would be a liiiiiiiitle bit of an understatement.

I literally cried,” she said. “I could not believe how madly in love I was with the copy and how excited I was to share it with the world!

YHC was able to provide Carol the support she needed and, because of that, she got to launch her retreat with a pitch-perfect, professionally written sales page. Remember, you only have one chance to make a first impression.

At a Glance

Goal: Fill a kick-ass retreat
Struggle: Copy not converting AT ALL
Achievement: Sold-out retreat with ZERO marketing spend
Package: Launch Box

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Working with YHC was a “night and day difference” for Carol. 

My previous launch was painful. It didn’t sell out. I spent a ton of money on marketing and did not enjoy the process. At all.”

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