How Gena’s copy earns her $150K+ on repeat.

One of the things we LOVE about working with our clients is how frickin’ FUN it is.

I mean, let’s be honest, when a woman approaches us and describes herself as “A sparkly, unicorn-loving lawyer who used to be a nationally competitive gymnast and musical theatre performer”–we want to know that woman.

We’re talking about Gena Shingle Jaffe–a tiny, kick-ass lawyer who helps small business owners get epic legal help, and who is now one of our favorite people!

She’s adorable, she’s upbeat, she’s positive, savvy, focused, creative, strategic – she’s got every ingredient a successful entrepreneur needs. We would gladly recommend her to others for legal advice and services until we’re blue in the face, but truth be told: Gena has so very many talents and business skills, that she truly cannot be boxed in.

::Cue Your Hot Copy to come in and help this jill-of-all-trades represent her business with the jazz hands it deserves::

Our goal was to work with Gena to create luscious launch copy AND set up an epic funnel that would really give her readers a taste of her personality and purpose, connect with them in a real and consistent way, and offer them great tools and resources for their own business.

Hey, Gena, take it away and tell us how it went!

Of course, the goal of every funnel is to ultimately sell your products to the right market, at the right time, and with ease. While many people know about my legal services, not everyone knows about my branding course Swoon™ – what YHC did with my funnel was introduce this “other” offer to my audience in a way that was appealing and irresistible!”

When it came to the email aspect of the WTFunnel package, Gena was equally giddy. “When I first read it, I seriously giggled with delight – and apparently my readers feel the same way because the response and results have been amazing!”

We’re so sparkly-stoked that Gena was able to celebrate big time (or, as she likes to say, “GLITTER TOSS!”) about our work nailing the tone of her sales funnel. “You just capture my voice, personality, and essence brilliantly, “she gushed to us. “In short: you sound like me, but better!”

And how did her launches go? If I count ALL of them, over the past year it was at least $150K (split with my business partner).” :) WOOHOO!

We’re soooo happy that YHC was able to provide Gena with copy that she expects to use for FOUR OTHER LAUNCHES. That’s 150k+ added value, and definitely worth a glitter toss or two. 

At a Glance

Goal: Create copy that stands the test of time
Struggle: Use a fun tone, while still communicating serious skills
Achievement: 5K+ revenue (that’ll keep on giving) for ONE funnel, $150K+ revenue in launch copy
Package: Launch Box + WTFunnel

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what YHC did with my funnel was introduce this “other” offer to my audience in a way that was appealing and irresistible!”