How Erin doubled her conversions with an email funnel that nurtures and sells.

Recently we got to catch up with the ever-so-lovely Erin Peloquin, also known as: one of our favorite clients, ever!

Erin is a true internet renaissance woman. She’s not only an amazing mommy and wife, but she’s also a former Latin teacher, CPA, and NOW a pro photographer who teaches moms and other photography newbs how to snap and edit pics they’ll adore for life.

Earlier this year, we had the great pleasure of whipping up a funnel for Erin’s digital workshops, so it was fun to hear how they were working for her! A busy lady, Erin needed the right expertise to keep her from spending precious work (or family) hours struggling through creating perfect copy to convert for her biz.

Throughout the process Erin was super jazzed with her experience–from the intro strategy meeting (“Jamie knew exactly what I needed to do and she was familiar with a funnel structure and even the automation system I use. She also had great business tips!”) to the final copy (“The copy for both the opt-in forms and the emails rocked. Plus, it saved me hours and hours of time that I would have spent trying to get the wording just right.”).  

When asked if she’d recommend us to others, Erin said: Oh yes! Combine the business sense, laser sharp copy & time savings, and it’s a no brainer!”

Aside from the 6% conversion rate from download of freebie to the tripwire purchase (oh HELL YES!), Erin was able to put her hours into doing what she REALLY wants to do: teach others through her biz.

And if YOU want to have the same experience and results, you know what to do. Your Hot Copy offers written-for-you funnels that we can whip up faster than you can say “lickety split.”

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At a Glance

Goal: Rock that Strategy, Save Time
Struggle: Sweating over Selling
Achievement: 6% Freebie to Tripwire Conversion Rate
Package: What the Funnel?!

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Oh yes! Combine the business sense, laser sharp copy & time savings, and it’s a no brainer!”