How Aubrey created a best-selling product with custom copy.

In any given career (whether you run your own online business or not), it’s rare to work on projects that fulfill you on the deepest level, totally align with your values, and make you feel like you’re actively making the world a better place.

Which is why we’re always flushed with gratitude whenever we get that kind of warm-tingly gig…and writing copy for Aubrey Mathis’ “Today May Suck” was all about those good feels.

Not only is Aubrey a high-energy, hilarious firecracker of a human – but she’s got a heart of gold. Aubrey business “Today May Suck” is entirely built around providing comfort to those who are going through rough times, and we got to be a part of this woman’s vision when we worked with her on an “All The Way” package to give birth to this brand.

From the ease of process (“It was easy peasy. I am the least techy person ever and everything was super user friendly”), to the outcome  (“I am still on a high every time I read my copy. People may use the term ‘ALL the FEELS’ but that’s truly how I feel about every single word in my copy”), Aubrey was amped with what Your Hot Copy created for her.

And this is the super-exciting-incredible-amazing part for us: Sometimes that joy a client feels from seeing their vision communicated in clear copy can do MORE than just create a cohesive website for them.

Not only did we write words for “Today May Suck” that made Aubrey yell “FUCKIN A!” to herself (true story), but she was inspired down the line to create a future product based around our copy--and it became her biggest success!

“Our ‘Cry or Cocktail Card’ is one of our biggest selling items,” Aubrey gushed to us, “and it’s totally Jamie’s words. The content of almost every single one of my Comfort Cards is inspired by, if not exactly from, my copy. It truly was after reading the copy your wrote for me that my vision really started to take place with my business.”

We get to write words, we get to work with inspiring clients who are doing good in the world, and we get to give them a gift that keeps on giving. Copy for the win!

At a Glance

Goal: Create a strong e-commerce brand experience
Struggle: Difficulty nailing down the “just right” voice
Achievement: Best-selling products & loyal client base
Package: Launch Box

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