How Allison’s sales page earned her 5% CONVERSIONS, $40K in REVENUE, and $80K in LIFETIME VALUE: OH MY!

It’s not every day that you hear actual stories of success around doing LESS and getting MORE.

Just to be clear, I mean working less hours, doing less work, and generally creating habits and patterns that feel anything-but-overwhelming because they’re focused on LESS.

And the “MORE” I mean?
…is everything you want MORE of: like money, time, energy, rest, fun, play, and in this case: PLEASURE.

Yup. Lots of pleasure.

Meet Allison Braun. Allison is the master of helping women get more of what they truly want by making pleasure their #1 priority. Her clients learn how to use their sexual, spiritual, and creative energy, and blend it all with badass business strategy to generate the clients and lifestyle of their dreams.

We got the opportunity to work with this babe two years ago on her opt-in and sales page for a program she was launching for the second time, and as amazing as Allison is in her biz, she was more than excited to leave the copy to the pros.

“I felt really seen, and understood in the process,” she gushed to us at YHC, “which is very important to me. And there’s nothing like seeing your ideas, concepts and words captivatingly splayed across a page in a way that you just couldn’t convey yourself.”

Aside from a smooth-as-peanut-butter process, Allison also received results like a 5% sales conversion rate, made about 40k in revenue from that copy, and estimates a life-time value of over 80k! (That’s, like, a 4000% ROI. #justsaying)

Lastly, (::drumroll please::), not only did enrollments DOUBLE, but she is STILL able to turn a profit from the work we did together TO THIS DAY.

Talk about leveraging your business investments so you can get more with less!

But more than financial gains, Allison was amped about the time she gained, as well. “I got to spend more time connecting with my community instead of spending hours and hours hashing over a sales page,” she told us.

Doing what you’d prefer to spend your time doing AND still bringing in the conversions? Now THAT’S what we call pleasure!

At a Glance

Goal: DOUBLE your conversions while maintaining your brand’s magic
Struggle: Can’t quiiiiiite convey your own epic-ness
Achievement: S5% conversion rates. 40K revenue. 80K lifetime worth of copy. WE AIN’T LYIN’.
Package: Launch Box

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I felt really seen, and understood in the process.”