7 Website & Sales Page Designers (and Programs) That Will Help You SLAY those Sales!

So you’ve written your sales page copy… now what?

(If you haven’t written your sales page copy yet, guess what?! I’ve got a template to help you do that… head here to check out my copy templates.)

Copy matters, a LOT. But the fact is, copy can only take you so far.

If you’re ready to bring your copy beyond an email, Google Doc, and dream — you’ll want a fully built/designed/developed sales page (and/or website).

But don’t worry! I’ve got you covereddddd.

Here’s my list of 7 people that I turn to when I need a badass sales page designed.

  1. Shift Fwd. Naomi & Koldo of Shift Fwd (a kick-ass husband and wife team) are responsible for the snazzy website you’re currently checking out. They’re highly creative, and an absolute dream to work with. I’d recommend them again and again, hire them again and again, and will never stop shouting their amazingness from the rooftops.
  1. GIF Design Studios. Joanna Galvao kicks butt for brands and websites with her awesome creative team. GIF Studios is an agency, but they work in a very high-touch manner to create brand identities and websites that your clients will swoon over.
  1. Jillian Adriana. Jillian is my design secret weapon. She’s responsible for the Creatives Making Money podcast art, tons of my favorite opt-in pages, social media graphics, and on and on, including this kick-ass sales page for Copy That. Her work is phenomenal IF you can get on her calendar. 😉 Still, it’s worth reaching out and asking for SURE.
  1. Ffion Evans. Ffion Evans is one of my oldest business friends, and potentially also one of the most talented. Back in the “early days,” we had a sales page copy + design service called “The Pageama Party” and we totally rocked it out. Her work is so gorgeous, you’ll want to frame it and hang it all over your walls. Fun fact: She also draws monsters!
  1. Crafting Creative. Meghan Hartman-Gomez has nailed down how to slay with Squarespace. She’s also got a kick-ass do-it-yourself program that will help you NAIL that sales page. If you’re as into her as I am, you want to check out our episode of Creatives Making Money here. 🙂
  1. Jessica Rea. Jessica Rea and I had the great honor of working on Sexy Food Therapy’s rebrand together. I’m still tremendously proud of what we co-created. Her design work is unbelievably stunning and you’ve 100% seen her work on other A-player’s websites.
  1. Still Pixels. Not only is Kristen Ashton is a delight to work with, but she’s got attitude, range, style, and boy, does she deliver. I’d recommend her in a heartbeat for designing a brand and website that truly converts!

That’s all (for now anyway) — I hope this list helps you find the exact perfect person and program to take your sales page or website to the next level.

Create like you mean it,