How Nadja’s New Stand Out Factor Landed Her $10K Clients

Nadja Eriksson is a feisty copywriter who helps conscious entrepreneurs express their unique brilliance with words that seduce and sell.
She was initially hesitant to join Create Your 6-Figure Copywriting Business™, but followed her intuition and dove in… three weeks after the program officially started!
Nadja was able to sell her first $3k package within 12 weeks of joining by nailing her “stand out factor” and the value she brings to her clients. Now she’s rebooking clients again and again for higher ticket packages 💰

If you’re a copywriter looking to break the 6 figure mark this year, applications for my program Create Your 6-Figure Copywriting Business are now open. This 6 month accelerator will teach you the core foundations of my Agency-Style Method for Creative Service Providers so you can make the most money possible as a writer-for-hire — and no, you don’t need to grow an agency to do it. You’ll get the how-to, doable week-by-week action plan, and private coaching and mentorship from yours truly to get you there. Boost your sales game, uplevel your work process, grow your client roster, and so much more. If you’re curious to learn more, head over to

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