Marketing for Artists and Makers with Megan Auman

This week I spent time with a designer, Metal Smith Educator and entrepreneur, Megan Auman, who has built a multifaceted business around her passion for art, commerce and visual content creation. In addition to running her eponymous jewelry line, you’ll find her helping artists and makers grow their profit through her online mentorship program, Artists and Profit Makers.

This episode is for those who want to create an incredible art and beauty in the world. You’ll find that Megan is straight up with her advice, which I find incredibly helpful as I even talk about my own interest in having a physical product business.

Some of my favorite takeaways include…

  • What Megan’s take on Etsy really is
  • What the biggest challenge is with selling physical products online
  • What common advice makers are listening to that is actually hurting their business
  • What steps artists or makers could start doing in order to have more effective marketing


  • (00:00) Welcome to the Creatives Making Money podcast
  • (01:14) Introducing Megan Auman
  • (02:01) How Megan’s business all came together
  • (04:28) What big challenges Megan faced that she sees other artists and makers facing when they’re trying to really create revenue
  • (05:52) Megan’s opinion on Etsy
  • (07:37) What other revenue streams Megan sees people creating an addition to an Etsy shop
  • (08:30) What Megan thinks is the biggest challenge with selling physical products online
  • (15:20) How Megan figured all the shenanigans of business out
  • (21:06) What steps Megan would have an artist or maker start taking in order to more effectively market their work
  • (23:27) Megan’s advise around picking one type of marketing and going balls to the wall
  • (28:07) How long you can expect to see success
  • (30:32) How much money it takes to start an online physical product business
  • (36:50) How Megan answered the $5 million question

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