#2020Goals Ep 3: The Most Important Step To Achieving Your Goals


Disclaimer: This is going to sound counter intuitive, and possibly even unappealing to you.

And yet I guarantee you it’s the most important step to moving forward and getting what you want — and even better: what’s meant for you.

I touched on this in part 1 of the #2020goals series, but today we’re going to get even more in-depth.

This most important step?


Now, I could make ALL the Frozen jokes in the world, but the fact is — everyone knows they “should” let go, or be “unattached,” or find their inner chill… but few people know HOW to actually do it.

When you invest (money, time, energy) in anything the HARDEST thing in the world is deciding you don’t give a sh*t about how it all turns out.

Investing makes you care. It’s that simple.

So HOW can you care and still let go?

We’re going to go over exactly that… right here, right now.

Let’s start with the brass tacks.

When it comes to achieving ANYTHING, there are a few things we can control —

Our actions
Our attitude 
Our expectations 

Most entrepreneurs and creatives I work with can nail their actions, fewer can also create a winning attitude, and even fewer can get down with managing their expectations.

“But I did a “perfect” launch — WHY DIDN’T I MAKE 6 FIGURES?”


“Why is this taking so long?”


“I followed the exact plan and didn’t see the results I want!!!”

In business (and life) there are things we can attempt to predict —

Sales trends based on previous years (for those who’ve been in business a while)
Sales performance based on similar products 
Sales performance based on average conversion (#s)

But, in my experience, having had a business for 7 years and having worked with hundreds and hundreds of entrepreneurs on their businesses in that time  — there’s a whole host of other unexplained phenomena.

Now… lots of people who teach business and marketing principles teach best practices but sell them as though they are GUARANTEED to work. AND they are almost guaranteed to work… in that they give you the best chance of success.

But nothing, my darling, is actually guaranteed in this life.


Except the truth that things change.

Your key to letting go is to focus ENTIRELY on the three things you CAN control:

  • Your actions
  • Your attitude
  • Your expectations

And not the TWO things that you absolutely cannot control:

  • HOW it all happens
  • HOW LONG it actually takes

Now, when it comes to fears you might be holding onto, you might have just as many anxieties about achieving your goals as you do about NOT achieving them.

You might wonder “If I’m successful will I become an @ssh*le?


What if I fail and lose it all?

And lots of “mindset” coaches will try to sell you on overcoming your “upper limits” or eradicating the “fear of failure.” 

But the true fear is that you don’t actually f*cking know if you’ll succeed or fail.

You just… don’t.


Because all you can control is your actions, your attitude, and your expectations.

Not even the most psychic psychics (and I’m pretty psychic) can predict exact outcomes.

And even the best laid plans often DON’T go according to plan.

It’s great to be optimistic — but it’s also great to be realistic and here’s why:

The more you let go, the more you can be flexible, pivot, and stay agile as things change moment to moment and year to year.

When I started a business 7 years ago, I was SO happy to just provide one service I loved, then I built an agency, then I offered mentorship and coaching programs, then retreats, then I shut that agency down (even tho it was successful) because it simply didn’t work for ME anymore. 

I created and launched courses, I experimented with myriad ways of supporting other creative service providers and artists/writers—

And the truth is… I’m STILL evolving… and I ALWAYS will be. 

And the same is true for you. 

The KEY to letting go is literally remembering that NO RESULT IS PERMANENT.

The same offer or product might work for a long time — but nothing works forever. 

The point?

Hold strong to those VISIONS.

Do the work.

And let GO.

Let go of the idea that the outcome says anything about you (it doesn’t).

Let go of the idea that you’ll die if it doesn’t work out (you won’t).

Let go of it having to look any particular way (it doesn’t).

When you’re truly committed to your mission, it doesn’t matter — because you’re growing either way.

Inside and outside. 

And that’s the ultimate win.

When I am STUCK AF and can’t seem to find clarity or let things go… I call upon my support systems. 

My healers, my teachers, my mentors, my coaches, my masterminds, my friends.

As you’re slaying those 2020 goals, remember you don’t have to do it alone. 

I can support you. Other coaches and healers can support you. There are plenty of options for you to get the help you need as you’re stretching beyond your comfort zone and finding new layers and levels of fear. 

So don’t hesitate to reach out if you know you need a badass intuitive business mentor in your corner… and especially one who GETS that following those soul nudges is extra extra scary… and can offer energy work in addition to strategic support to help you move through the discomfort and take powerful action.