Just Say Hell No! (to holiday stress…)

Hello, fellow overachiever. I created this little worksheet for you to fill in BEFORE you start committing to more than you want to this holiday season.

It should only take fifteen minutes, so set those time digits aside, grab your journal, and really give this your attention – because you deserve it!
I recommend that you rewrite the following (by hand) and fill in the blanks where appropriate.
Writing is how we commit things to memory…

This holiday season, I am committing to what’s important to me.

My heart is calling for…

I really want to buy presents for…

I know I have to buy presents for…

The most fun way I can make that “have to” happen is….

Here is what I have to appreciate about that…

This season, I will feel incomplete if I don’t…

But something I really don’t want to do but feel pressured to do is…

This year, I am OK with letting people down if it means I am taking care of myself first.

So I will not do the following three things.




I agree to let go of…..



Burned out is bad for business.
Self-care is not selfish.
Create the reality you want!
Do what you love and fuck what people think.



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