How to Achieve Your Money Goals in 2020 (#2020goals part 2)

So one of my favorite things to do is help my clients hit their revenue goals with a combination of practical and spiritual/energetic support.

When it comes to money, the truth is: there’s typically a LOT of work to be done (inside and out).

Being that it’s January, and a perfect time to PLAN your money goals, (and get clear on how you want to make ‘em happen), I thought it’d be cool to give you a little taste of how I work with clients on their money stuff.

Last January, I kicked off 2019 with my mastermind members by giving them a deep-dive, step-by-step MONEY workshop.

And you already know the results of their time in the program…

“My biggest wins are that I like myself more, I’ve scheduled time off, I’ve hired a VA, and I made a lot more money in 2019 — I’m in a whole new tax bracket.”

  • Ren Lenhof, Founder of Studio 29 + House Fur

“I’m making more and so much happier than I was before I started working with Jamie.” 

  • Paige Wilhide, Video Strategist + Confidence Coach 

Through my time in the program, I am most proud of increasing my income, getting more clear on the work that I want to do with people, and learning how to communicate that.” 

  • Melanie St. Clair, Mindset Coach

So, yeah, it’s pretty awesome.

In this blog post, I’ll give you ALL I can from the workshop without sacrificing the integrity of the work I do with my private clients and mastermind members. 

In the workshop, I cover all three Ms of “money” as I approach them in business…

  • Manifestation – In other words, the “magic” of money creation. See, being an entrepreneur is especially magical because entrepreneurship IS literally creating money out of thin air. Naturally, you’re doing it by providing a valuable service to the world. But when you’re used to making money from a paycheck or other types of wages, it can be hard to shift into seeing that the world of money creation is literally limitless. It’s challenging to see possibilities and “play” with the energy of having more than you do right now. My belief about creating money in your business is that it IS alchemy. It’s MAGIC! It’s… FUN! Not everyone looks at money-making as FUN, and I believe that’s a problem. Bring FUN to it and see how much things shift for you in terms of sales and revenue (and I’ll walk you through HOW to do that specifically in a moment…)
  • Mindset – In this workshop, I shared strategies to think differently and overcome any limiting beliefs you may have about money, worthiness, and what’s possible for you to have. See, money IS energy, so it’s kind of like a temperature gauge in terms of what you’re comfortable with at any given moment. If your “body” is used to living in a colder climate, it’s not going to acclimate quickly to a tropical environment. It will be uncomfortable and you may think “It’s so hot! I can’t do this!” Changing your beliefs about money is kind of like this too. But there ARE strategies that can help!
  • Management – Fact: to be a responsible business owner (and adult, tbh) you’ll want to allocate money in a smart way after it comes in. Managing cashflow is a significant part of ensuring your business doesn’t fail (as 50% of businesses DO within the first 5 years), so I also shared what I do to make sure you’re well-resourced for the business you lead — especially if you want to run retreats, sell courses, or work with clients in different capacities that may have other expenses attached.

For today, I want to get you started by walking you through the first THREE steps on MANIFESTING MONEY. 

And BTW — if you’re just DYING for access to the entire workshop — you can get the entire workshop recording and notes — for just $297 — right here.

Here’s how to START achieving your money goals in 2020:


This part sounds simple, but it’s actually the step a lot of people get tripped up on. Why? Because it brings up a lot of “that’s not possible,” or “HOW?!!,” or “who am I to want/receive/have that much?”

It’s a mindset trip — and that’s normal. I’m not suggesting you fully leave planet earth (although, a trip to Mars does sound fun 😉 — but DO challenge yourself to be honest about how much you need — and how much you want.

Maybe your goal is to replace your income from another job or gig…

Maybe it’s to make 50% more money than last year…

Maybe it’s to just launch your business and see your first few sales come through!


Write it down! Declare it. 

And tell someone who BELIEVES in you.


Beyond shelter, food, and the basics of everyday living, what else do you want that money FOR?

My belief (and what I’ve seen with clients, a LOT) is that money doesn’t show up unless it has a job to do.

So give it a very, clear, specific job.

This could be — buying a house, hiring a coach, copywriter, designer, assistant, traveling to new places, etc.

You want to be very clear on what the money is FOR and continue to remind yourself of this DAILY.

Write this down, create a vision board (or Pinterest board), and have this to look at regularly!


This is a fun step that forces you to get really honest with yourself.

Money is energy that we exchange for energy. 

So… what VALUE are you looking to deliver to the world? To your clients? To your community?

What jobs/tasks/work/play would you happily DO in order to be compensated for that money?

This is not about outlining your exact services, packages, offers (just yet) — you just want to make a list of all the things that would FEEL GOOD to deliver for that money.

This could be — selling a product, selling for other people, done-for-you services, extra side-hustle time after work, supporting clients in very specific ways.

Your action step is to just make a GIANT list of all the ways that money could show up for you that you would happily receive.

The importance of choosing things that FEEL GOOD, exciting, FUN to you is crucial here.

Again, money IS energy — and it will be attracted to YOU when you are the energetic match for it.

Once again, write this list down.

PRO-TIP: You want to challenge the belief that there’s only ONE way or TWO ways that money can show up for you. Get creative here and work at the idea of getting paid to do things you LOVE to do. 

OKAY, now that you’re CLEAR on your specific money goals, WHY you want that money, and WHAT you’re willing to do in order to receive the money: YOU ARE COOKING WITH FIRE.

This is HUGE and is the first step in crafting a SOLID financial plan that is also intuitive, fun, and feels good for your business!

I’d be SHOCKED if something incredible doesn’t show up just from you working through these three steps.

AND if you want to work through the ENTIRE process, you can always grab the full recording of my MONEY MAGIC WORKSHOP for just $297 right here.