The Value of Nerdiness with Brittany Bullen

This week, I chatted with the author of Personality Marketing, Brittany Bullen. Her courses, events and coaching programs help entrepreneurs from a variety of fields use their unique passions and personalities to create authentic, effective marketing videos and ads. She brings the fun and enthusiasm to a topic that most of us creatives dread – marketing.

So this episode is for those who want a marketing strategy that feels like the very best version of you and also makes you a lot of money, then Brittany is the nerd for you. You’ll learn that real quick listening to this episode.

Some of my favorite takeaways include…

  • What the definition of nerd is
  • If truth and what works in marketing can coexist
  • Why Brittany’s really in entrepreneurship


  • (00:00) Welcome to the Creatives Making Money podcast
  • (01:14) Introducing Brittany Bullen
  • (03:00) What Brittany’s definition of nerdiness
  • (05:39) How Brittany guides her clients to discover their nerdiness
  • (10:56) Brittany discusses a time where she tried to implement someone else’s formulas
  • (15:29) What Brittany’s money mindset journey has been
  • (17:39) What Brittany thinks the hardest part of entrepreneurship is
  • (20:08) How marketing and the truth are diametrically opposed
  • (26:42) If Brittany still dabbles in theatre
  • (36:31) What businesses Brittany’s dad built
  • (44:07) How Brittany answered the $5 million question
  • (46:03) What Brittany is really in entrepreneurship for

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