My 6 Favorite Branding Photographers & Stylists

Before you launch that brand spankin’ new website and brand, you’re going to want some sizzling hot photography to go with it!

Wondering when the best time to hire a brand photographer is?

Photography must come before your website, but after your brand identity. You’ll want to make sure your shoot (and style!) is on-brand with clothes, looks, locations, colors, etc.

You’ll likely also want a stylist to help you choose outfits so I’ve included a couple of my faves below too!

Here are my favorite branding photographers --

And as far as stylists go… 

Both Rebecca Santilli and Phylicia Bernard have helped me put together outfits for shoots (as well as my sister, but she’s more of my personal secret weapon if you know what I mean ;)) and I’ve been thrilled with their work. 

Definitely hit them up when you’re in need of some fresh styling before a shoot!

Remember, when you do a shoot, you’re going to want hair and makeup, and a certain amount of outfit changes built into the shoot day. 

Make sure the package you buy includes everything you’ll need and want!

That’s all for now.

Create like you mean it,