The Intro:

When a woman with a game-changing idea decides it’s time to finally put it out there – and do it right

(Hint: that’s YOU!)

Let’s rewind for a minute… you’re here because you’re a badass.


If you weren’t a badass trying to do BIG things, you’d be busy watching cat videos or drowning your sorrows in a mind-numbing Netflix binge (don’t get me wrong, I do occasionally love those)… but you’re not. You’re HERE.

And whether your story has been sitting inside of you for a day or a decade (or maybe even longer) — I am GLAD. 

Because now that we’ve found each other, I won’t let you off the hook.

The Catalyst:

Your mission is to make the world a better place. To serve. To help. To heal. To inspire. To also make some money doing it, but that’s not WHY you’re doing it. Your WHY goes deeper than that. Way deeper. Maybe deeper than you’ve ever let someone see before…

But the time is NOW. And you’re finally ready.


In many ways, I AM you.

The only difference between ME and YOU?

Well, I’ve already written 10 movies, hundreds of websites, marketing funnels, articles, and more…

I’ve already launched tons of programs, founded and ran a super successful marketing agency…

I’ve already put myself “out there” in the BIG, VULNERABLE ways.

Can you imagine sitting across the table from a stranger who’s read the thing you wrote (from the most tender, painful place inside of you) and smiling and nodding as if it were easy to play it cool?


So I can tell you what you already know: it’s NOT easy to do it alone.

As a matter of fact, it’s a special kind of hard.

Which is why you’re here reading this.
You want me to turn around, lovingly, reach out my hand and say:

HEY THE WATER IS JUST FIIINE, COME ON INTO THE STORY POOL (wearing a bikini preferably, as that’s my outfit of choice)…

But here’s the deal —

Sharing your story, expanding your impact, letting yourself WANT MORE is a whole lot harder than anyone warned us about… No one taught that shit in schools like “okay Karen, here’s how to handle it when people look at you with a little bit of judgment because your story makes them uncomfortable…”

Because you ARE or HAVE “too much”… and you still WANT MORE…



I mean obvi be grateful, but also… BE EVERYTHING.

Everything you ARE. Everything you HAVE. Everything you WANT.


Including someone who shares her story for maximum impact.

Because that’s what badasses on a mission DO.

As Your Mentor & Strategist:

My job is to help you buckle down and do the thing you’re afraid to do, manage the crunchy emotional edges that always arrive when we’ve committed to something that will certainly GROW us, and guide you towards telling the best fucking story you possibly can  — so you can make the biggest impact possible.

*cue the shower of grateful fans and money*

So now that I've tough-loved the sh*t outta you... hiiii!

I’m Jamie (obvs), an award-winning screenwriter, entrepreneur, story nerd, and sweet girl from Queens, NY who once commuted to and from her arts high school on the subway with a portfolio that was bigger that she was.

Since then, I’ve made a feature film that won me a “Best Feature Writer” award, founded a digital marketing agency that grew 50% year over year for 3 straight years, written 10 feature-length movies, and helped thousands of entrepreneurs and writers share their story for maximum impact.

The fact is, after working with me, many of my clients have completely transformed – some becoming more authentically expressed in their work — others increasing their sales up to 900% — and for even more, BOTH OF THINGS AT ONCE! *magic* I could give you a long list of all of my degrees and accolades, but what you really need to know is all right here.

LISTEN (she yells) I know I’m bossy (10 out of 10 clients and ex-boyfriends can confirm) but I’m not here to tell you how to live. I’m just here to help you live a story you want to tell… or finally share the stories inside of you that’re dying to be told.

The Takeaway:

The world needs your story. Your brand. Your voice. Your impact. Your YOU-NESS. 

So let’s DO the damn thing.

You can check out all the ways we can work together by clicking here.

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