Your #1 ONE ASSet. (Do you know what it is?)

Ladies (and gentleman), it is NOT easy to work while you’re sick.

The end.

I could end there, because that’s what this post is really about. I’ve been sick all week, hacking and coughing like a pothead who just left a burning building (and no, to my disappointment, there were no fun drugs involved). Don’t worry, it’s not mono!

But I’d really like to share what I learned from this experience. Why?

Because you should learn from my mistakes. That’s what smart people do, and you’re smart. So don’t do this!

Although I felt sick and like I was dragging my ass around all week, I did what no solopreneur with a mind for success should do: try to work through it.

The inner dialogue went a little something like this:

– “Oh fuck no! You have shit to do, and you cannot let your clients down.”

– “You have emails to reply to, get your head on straight and get ’em done!

– “Deadlines are contracted, babe, better get your head in the game.

And you know what I said? “Cough. Cough.”

Then I let my adrenaline and cortisol levels rise (science) and proceeded to stare at blank pages until (I swear) they burned a hole in my brain.

You know what didn’t happen?
Fucking brilliance. Because brilliant shit doesn’t happen when you’re compromised.

Not by a shitty relationship, not by a soul-sucking job, and definitely not by a physical illness.

Mental illness actually DOES correlate with brilliance… but that’s another blog post altogether!

You’re probably wondering why you should care, and what the fucking lesson is here…

So I’m going to tell you something my coach tells me all the time:

YOU ARE YOUR NUMBER ONE ASSET in your life and business. Numero Uno. The big cheese.

So if YOU are not functioning optimally, ain’t nothin’ else gonna work either.

Also, your clients are human beings, and if you communicate with them, they will understand.

Seriously, just because I was being a mean bitch to myself, didn’t mean other people would be. I reached out and everyone replied wishing me well.

I’m also so damn fortunate to work with a handful of inspiring, kind and thoughtful people. Most of whom have left their soul-sucking jobs so they could make the choice to put human beings before a corporate bottom line.

So the next time you feel compromised, sick, under the weather, and less than your best: suck it up and share your struggle. Express the delay to your clients. Explain that you might not be at your sharpest.

Expose your humanity and you’ll be surprised.
You’ll be taken care of. *Cough. Cough*

Signing Off,


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