Write On.


A day-long virtual writing retreat to help you get your writing done.

Honest truth: Writing isn’t always a walk in the park.

(Not even for me, and I write upwards of 10,000 words per week.)

Some days are flowy and feel amazing and words simply spill out of your fingertips.

Other days writing feels like nails on a chalkboard because you can’t seem to get over the resistance, you think every word you write isn’t “right” or “good enough,” and all of the pressure is making you want to give up before you even begin.


I get it.

Whether you’re writing a sales page, your website copy, an entire marketing funnel, or working on your first book or video script — you have to face the same struggle…


How it mocks you with every little “wink,” like it’s saying,

Hey girl, I know you want to be brilliant but you’re busy overthinking instead of doing and worrying it won’t be perfect enough so instead you do NOTHING.” 😑

Yes, I know the voice of this demon well. I’ve hung out with it on SO very many projects.

And I can tell you that after 20 years, 9 screenplays, 1 pilot, hundreds of websites, countless sales pages and funnels, and even more blog posts and newsletters and on and on…

The ONE thing that makes me get shit done?

Is accountability.

NOT self-belief, not energy work, not mindset, and not “having it all figured out.”

It’s someone breathing down my neck (or just having an expectation of me) to get it done.

It’s showing up with someone else at the same time with the same intention and using our collective ju-ju and magic to write with ease.

It’s putting my money where my mouth is and investing in the support I really need.

So in case you struggle with the SAME human probs and you’re NOT writing the way you want to, or as much as you want to, or as fast as you want to… I’m here to help.

Imagine if...

  • Instead of dicking around on Facebook you actually spent time putting words down on paper. (Success is miiiine!)
  • Instead of procrastinating your new lead magnet, course, or month of newsletters, you got it all down and done. (Woohoo!)
  • Instead of running to the kitchen for a brownie every time you opened up the blank document, you actually WROTE a huge chunk of words. (Holla!)

THAT would give you the momentum, inspiration, and structure to keep going…

Honest truth #2:
Your dream of becoming a 6 or 7-figure entrepreneur or published author or award-winning writer hinges on your ability to create written content.

So why not choose to devote a whole day to that written content?

A day full of… Accountability & Support. Copy magic. Writing bliss.


Enter: Write On, a day of momentum, milestones, and merriment to get your writing done.

What is Write On?

Write On is a day-long virtual writing retreat. It’s small and intimate and ONLY for 8 people MAX.


Here’s how the day goes down.

  • 9AM Pacific/12PM Eastern: We meet in a private Zoom room!
  • You’ll meet everyone in the group and get flash-coached on your project.
  • What guidance do you need around messaging? Positioning? What structure to use?
  • Then, you’ll go off and write. Yes, we’re doing it together. Online. Because #accountability.
  • We’ll execute 30 minute writing sprints all day long with coaching in between.

AND: You’ll have access to me ALL day if you hit any roadblocks or need a little extra support.

In short, you’re getting 6 straight, solid hours of writing coaching, attention, accountability and support.

Don’t worry: We’ll take a 30-minute lunch break and a 30-minute stretch break.

Ready to give yourself the gift of immersing yourself in ONE super important project for a whole day and ACTUALLY getting it done? Block that calendar and…

1 spot left
Doors close on May 18th


  • BONUS 1: COPYWRITING TEMPLATE (up to $297 value)
    Grab your choice of TEMPLATE from my arsenal of swipes for FREE! Working on an about page, sales page, or launch sequence? I’ll give you a template to use at NO extra charge!
  • BONUS 2: WRITING REVIEW ($497 value)
    Get a personal review of your day’s writing when we wrap up at 3PM Pacific/6PM Eastern. These reviews typically cost $497 for any page of writing, but as a Write On attendee, you’ll get this absolutely FREE!
  • BONUS 3: PRIVATE FACEBOOK for PREP ($97 value)
    Gear up for our get-writing-done session with 7 days of connection, support, and feedback. I'll be there to help you decide WHAT to focus on, HOW to prepare, and make sure you have all you need in place to SLAY.
    Hop on the line with me to review your work anytime within 30 days post-retreat. I'll help you refine your work and possibly even MORE importantly, hold YOU accountable to complete your project (in case 1 day isn't enough)!

The total value of Write On is over $3,000. 

Your investment is just $997 Pay-In-Full (save $194) or 3 Payments of $397

1 spot left
Doors close on May 18th

Write On is perfect for you IF…

  • You’re generally a badass but something always seems to get in the way when you put ‘writing’ on the calendar.
  • You’re cool and play well with others, and are greatly motivated by external factors -- like other people expecting you to turn something in. 🙂
  • You have a writing project (book, sales page, script, website copy, newsletters, etc) that sorely needs your attention but you struggle with carving out the time.
  • You know you’d feel SO good about yourself if you just GOT IT DONE.
  • You also know you’d prefer to have a professional writer’s feedback.

Sound like YOU? Let's write on.

1 spot left
Doors close on May 18th

p.s. If you’re considering Write On but not sure if it’s for you, email me at jamie@thejamiejensen.com and let’s talk about it. I’m happy to guide you to the right solution depending on what you’re focused on creating this month!

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