What’s LOVE Got To Do With It? {Everything.}

Money is emotional.

“She works hard for the money. So hard for it honey.”

People put their blood, sweat, tears, LIFE into their work and when that paycheck comes, you better believe it’s dripping with all kinds of attachments, meanings and feelings.

I suffered for this. < A common one. If you’ve ever worked a job you HATED, you get it. When it’s like that, money isn’t fun, it’s pain. So parting with those hard-earned dollars is HARD.

This is why it’s critical to get your audience invested in not just what you’re selling, but YOU.

When you’re doing it right, selling is nothing more than a LOVE story. Hence, why I’m being SO annoying and using my own personal love story as an example to teach you how it’s done. *wink*

So, we’re all familiar with the standard love story, right?

Guy meets girl. Guy likes girl. Guy pursues girl. Love ensues.

Or the way it looks in the movies: Guy and girl don’t like each other too much. There’s banter or conflict. Guy and girl start to like each other. They bond. They kiss. Then something gets between them! All is lost. All is resolved. Love conquers all.

Yeah, I write romantic comedies in my spare time, can you tell?

The thing is: love stories in real life are NOT so formulaic. They’re full of a series of push and pull.

But there is one thing that all love stories have in common:

A risk factor.

If you can love, you can lose.

And every single sale comes with the same risk: loss.

When we talk about marketing, we’re not talking about making promises you don’t keep, we’re not talking about pretending to be something you aren’t in order to win the sale, we’re not talking about creating products you don’t believe in because you think they will be successful.

We’re talking about building a relationship.

We’re talking about TRUST.

Over the last few months, I’ve been challenged to put myself out there in a way that’s even scarier than appearing in a webinar or branding myself – I’ve been challenged to do it on a personal level. To open my heart up, and share it. To take it and place it in someone else’s part-time care.


But I also realized that everyone has that cross to bear.  Every single one of your potential clients is someone who wants to trust you, if you just show them that they can.

That’s what they’re doing when they fork over their hard-earned dollars for your products and services – trusting you to deliver.

So how do you show them that you’re someone they can trust?


So tell me: does your copywriting convey the real YOU?

If you’re not sure, you’re going to need to dive right on into my free workbook asap. It walks you through writing your about page (a.k.a. the page of copy on your website that tells your peeps WHO you are and WHY they should trust you #nbd). Think of it as me helping you NAIL that first date so you get asked out again. 😉

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