What the (F is a) FUNNEL?!


No, not the cake.
Nope, not the thing you use to make sand art either.

I’m talking about the kind of funnel that makes you money. Cash. Moola. Gold. Dolla dolla bills. While. You. Sleep.

Are you picking up what I’m putting down?

In short, funnels are the shit.

If you’re confused, let me break it down for ya. Imagine your sales funnel is a giant slide. Weeeeeee! Your opt-in is at the top of it, giving your soulmate client a reason to step right in. Once she opt-ins in for her free gift, she starts her ride down your FUNNEL. You give her free value, you let her get to know you, you build your connection, and then you offer her something that you know will help her, at a low, easy-to-say-yes! price point.

Maybe she says yes, maybe she says no, but at this point, you keep nurturing your relationship, providing free value, and continuing to show up consistently (yeah, it’s kind of like dating.) Then, you make your move. But now, instead of just offering a premium product or service to a stranger, you’re offering it to someone who knows, likes, and trusts you. Someone who has been hanging out with you for a while and knows your style. Someone you’ve had fun with. And that means, she’s much more likely to say YES.

Want one? I betcha do.

The thing about funnels is that they take two things.

The first is strategy… You need to have a map of every single email, sales page, correspondence, flirtation, text, you-name-it so you can put that relationship on autopilot. I bet you’re wondering if WE offer that… YES, WE DO. And, we also have 3 SPOTS in May available to work with ME one-on-one on your client relationship and funnel strategy. It’s a 90 minute session where we JAM on all things your business and clients, and then the next day you’ll receive a detailed map so you’re fully armed to go off and write your content like a champ.

The value? $1000 PLUS.
The investment? Just $500 for this limited time offer.
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Once you have your strategy in place, all you need is irresistible, entertaining, true-to-you content. And by now you know, this is our JAM. So if you want to just have us write the funnel for you… we can also work that out. Check out our 3 done for you options right here.

When you put killer strategy and delicious content together, the fun doesn’t stop (and neither does the money.)

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OH YEAH. This is gonna be fun(nel)!


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