What do YOU need to let go of?

I have a question for you… (Yes, another one!)

Do you ever find yourself setting intentions, having dreams, or projecting a vision into your future, but you’re not quite sure how you’re going to get there? Maybe what you’re picturing is SO far away that you can’t quite touch it with your 90 day plan, or annual agenda, or 2017 business map. You KNOW you want it, you even have a sense of faith or certainty around it, but the HOW simply eludes you.

And then suddenly, almost out of nowhere, everything CLICKS and makes all the sense in the world. Your dream feels closer than it ever has before, and the steps to making your vision a reality are right in front of your face.

Has this ever happened to you?

Whether your answer is YES, or NO, but I damn sure wish it would, keep reading.

I know my approach to business and life isn’t the woo-est of them all, but I’ll be honest, sometimes life just up and surprises me. Magical, miraculous things happen, and they kinda make me wish I had been holding onto more blind faith and less “MAKE IT HAPPEN ALREADY, BOSS LADY!!!” all along.

Case in point: In the last 23 days, I’ve been hanging out on the West Coast with some of my very best friends, working remotely (one of the many perks of being a writer and online entrepreneur) and actively choosing things that make me HAPPY. Believe it or not, this is actually a radical act for me. While I love my business to pieces, and adore my clients and everything we do together, I still get caught up in the shoulds.

You should have a bigger list.
You should be writing more content. *maniacally laughing at this one, ‘cause that’s ALL I DO*
You should be running more webinars.
You should double your gross revenue from last year. OBVI. If you don’t, you’re a failure.
You should do more Facebook Ads. Followed by: WTF is wrong with you? WHO finds anyone organically on the internet anymore? (Honestly, lots of people, my business was built on a ZERO marketing spend.)

Yeah, I’m super fucking mean to myself sometimes, guys. NOW EVERYONE KNOWS IT.

Nothing will bring you up and close and personal with the shit that’s NOT working for you like leaving home for 23 days. Why? Because suddenly, there’s nowhere to hide anymore. *GASP*

And you know my favorite place to hide? Beast mode.

Confession: While I’m crushing webinars, conversions, and strategy, I’m also crushing my soul a little bit. Yes, some business owners thrive on the hustle, but I don’t.

Because (confession #2) I’m not just an entrepreneur, I’m an artist, a creative, a storyteller, and a feeler. #allthefeels #allthetime

Which means I thrive on creativity, connection, and keeping shit real. And while I have plenty of realness in my business, what I realized in my 23 days away from home was that I was lacking realness in my relationship with myself.


So what happened?

  • I spent Day 3 of Shine Live CRYING MY EYEBALLS OUT. #ohhaibreakthroughs
  • Then, I drank wine and relaxed at this incredible winery with my biz bestie Mak Chilton. #recoverytime
  • Then, I got these sexy new tattoos.
  • Then, I hopped over to LA to visit set for a TV screenplay I wrote that was in production.

But most importantly, I let myself feel so I could let some shit go. Melancholy, anger, frustration, disappointment, elation, joy, gratitude. Sometimes it’s hard to let things go, because even when you need to, it still comes with a side of grief. Which, from my experience, is less delicious than a side of french fries, and not as filling.

So what did I let go of?
Hold me to this, k guys? We’re in this business struggle together, right?

  • Doing the “shoulds” in business or life. THEY’RE ALL BULLSHIT ANYWAY.
  • Avoiding my own personal writing like the plague. This is certain soul-death for artists.
  • Being mean to myself. I’M KIND OF AWESOME, so I need to act like it.

By the way, SHINE LIVE WAS INCREDIBLE. Truly an amazing event that everyone who’s EVER considered speaking on stage must attend. Or just hire Chantelle Adams in any way she’ll let you hire her, PLEASE. Run and do it now.

But first, tell me what YOU need to let go of.


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p.s. In case you’re scratching your head wondering “what’s the vision she was talking about?” I’ll tell you. Once upon a time, I dreamt of being bi-coastal but didn’t know what that would look like. Well, 20 days into my trip it dawned on me: HOLY SHIT, I AM BI-COASTAL.

p.p.s. Also 20 days into my trip, I got a notification that a part-time teaching position became available that I have dreamt about for close to 15 years. So yeah. Magic? I think so.