How To Know If Your Website Copy Is “Good Enough”

Is your website copy ‘good enough?

This is one of those looming questions that can feel hard to measure at times.

When I’m assessing website copy, I have specific things I consider, like…

Is the messaging clear?
Does the strategy make sense?
What’s the story and does it work?
Are the pages too cluttered and busy?

I also look at all the data and metrics and interview the business owner on their audience and strategy as well.

The thing is, when you’re NOT working with a professional like yours truly for feedback, you need a different way to assess IF your copy truly needs an upgrade.

Here’s how to know…

  1. If you’re dealing with a LOT of “abandoned carts” or, for service-based businesses, if you’re getting consultations booked but people are either a) ghosting on you or b) using your time on the call to collect information but not buy. 😢
  2. If your website analytics show high bounce rates and short lengths of time reading the other pages of your site. And, if you don’t have your Google Analytics set up yet – I highly recommend doing that ASAP! This is how you’ll measure the performance of your website. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to do this.

  3. If you’re seeing that people are reading every page but still NOT taking the action you want them to take.

  4. If you read your copy and think it’s not very good, or doesn’t sound like YOU at your best.

If any of these things apply, it’s likely time to tweak and/or upgrade your copy – either on your own or with a professional copywriter!

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Create like you mean it,