The thing about change…

Change is hard. It’s scary. Terrifying, actually.

Which is why most of us avoid it. 

When you change, you’re not just taking on an exciting new identity, you’re also shedding an old version of yourself. Like a snake sheds its skin. You grow and push off all of the pieces that no longer make sense for you. You embody an entirely new person, from the inside out.

Your essence remains, but you start to make new decisions about what’s right and what’s best for you.You’re equipped with a new compass to guide you.

But you also lose things.

People. Habits. Comforts. Coping mechanisms.

You grieve.

Confession: I’m writing this letter from a personal place. From my very own “turning point.” Three weeks ago today, I injured myself working out. What I thought was a small sprain has turned out to be a very traumatic ankle injury. I’m still not able to walk. I’m on crutches. And this experience, alongside many other changes I’m consciously making, has totally floored me.

Most of all, it’s forced me to slow down, take things one step at time (my only option!) and consider what’s truly essential. Reading this is helping.

Here’s the point – I didn’t choose this change. It chose me.

But the transformation that’s coming from the experience is teaching me even more about how hard and fast we resist what we need.

In my case, this is self care. For others, that could look completely different. And for all of you world changers out there, knowing this, and how to USE it to your advantage, is critical to your business.


When you are asking someone to BUY your product or service, you’re NOT just asking them to part with money (which is emotional enough), you’re asking them to part with the version of themselves that they are used to, and that’s the real challenge of sales.

If you’re a health coach, you’re asking someone to make an investment in themselves and commit to changing their habits for the better. (HARD.)

If you’re a life coach, you’re asking someone to examine the areas of their life that aren’t working, and FACE them. (HARDER.)

If you’re a fitness expert, you’re asking someone to shed an old body – and old attitudes about their body. (HARDEST.)

If you’re a business coach, or designer, or anyone who’s in the business of helping people build their dreams, you’re asking your client to believe in themselves, to believe in their dreams, and to kiss goodbye the person they were, BEFORE they were a risk-taking, world-changing, creative bad ass. (TERRIFYING!)

You’re asking someone to step away from “waiting” and into “doing.”

You’re asking them to go BIG with their potential. To make a conscious choice to change.

And that’s scarier than any amount of money you could possibly charge.

Do you know how to do that? With STORY. All story IS transformation. It IS change. And if you can walk someone through that experience emotionally, you’ll have sold them.

Money is just another part of the transaction.

If you’re interested in learning more about STORY, and how it’s done, you can grab up my FREE about page workbook. Simply click the pic below to get yo copy!


hugs and high fives,