Positioning. It’s not just for the bedroom.

A strong message is the difference between a buyer saying “OMG GIMME” and “meh, don’t need it.”

It’s also one of THE hardest things to do for yourself… (trust me, even I struggle with this at times).

Sometimes you just need someone to help you sort through all of your chaotic ideas and come up with a concise way of explaining what you need to say in a way that makes buyers want to pull out their wallets and throw money at you.

*Waves excitedly* Hey! That’s me! I’m that “someone.”

This strategy session is perfect for you if...

  • You’re creating a totally new offer and struggling with how to explain it
  • You’re reviewing copy from your last launch and wondering how to improve it
  • You’re gearing up to write a new sales page, but need to anchor it in a concept that’s appealing
  • You’re grasping at straws when it comes to a sales or brand message that feels true to you and attractive to buyers
  • You feel clear-ish on your message but confused about how to incorporate it into all of your content and campaigns
  • You want a professional copywriter’s feedback on your words to make sure they’re written to connect, compel, and convert

In one single session, we’ll dig into your positioning struggles so you can walk away with a strong, irresistible messaging statement and clarity around how to use it in your marketing.

Your investment: $997


 There are 8 spots left in 2020.

No one buying?
Stop being boring.