Let’s get your brand strategy and content foundations down
(and all in a day!).

It’s like a party!
(If parties helped you feel confident and make more money.)

The Brandslam! is for you if you’re…

  • Unclear on your brand voice, story, message -- or how to talk about what you do in a compelling, referrable way
  • Gearing up to brand or rebrand and want to make sure you’re getting started on the right foot, with the language and foundations you need to succeed
  • Avoiding networking events and pitching yourself because you don’t have a “cool” way of explaining what you do -- and you know that having those right words would make all the difference
  • Feeling pulled in multiple creative directions and just need help streamlining and focusing how you talk about your business and yourself
  • Full of ideas but you’re not necessarily the best creative communicator -- and need someone else (hi! that’s me) to come in and conceptualize what you’re creating with your business in a tangible way
  • Looking to hire an in-house copywriter or social media manager (or other client-facing roles), and want to make sure they know exactly how to communicate in a way that’s consistent and aligned with your brand mission, message, and style

Also… if you’ve been asking yourself things like…

  • How do I explain my business, brand, voice, and story to others?
  • How do I plan my content for blogs, social media, etc?
  • How do I tell my story so it connects with people and also sells?
  • How do I create a brand that truly resonates with my audience?

You’re reading the right sales page, boo boo.

These are the questions we go through as we transform your brand from BORING to BRILLIANT.

At the end of our intensive, you’ll walk away with a BRAND DOCUMENT that you can use to create copy, team manuals, brochures, social media content, editorial calendars, etc… It’s your foundation to come back to again and again whenever you need to create copy or content.

What’s inside YOUR brand document?

Whatever your heart (and business) most desire (and need).

The investment for the Brandslam starts at $1,997 for up to 4 of the below elements of your choice.

  • Brand Story
  • Brand Voice
  • Brand Values
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Messaging Statement
  • Short Bio (Third Person)
  • Mission Statement
  • Manifesto/Core Beliefs
  • Tagline (includes 5 options)
  • Names (includes 5 options for 1 offer)
  • Ideal Client Profile

You can add additional elements a la carte for $350 each, or get ALL of ‘em for $3,447

(that’s a $1,000 discount).

Here’s how the Brandslam! rolls…

Step 1:
We’ll schedule your Brandslam! Intensive on a day that’s 100% dedicated to YOU and your business!

Step 2:
You’ll get an in-depth questionnaire, affectionately known as the Killer Clarity Questionnaire (KCQ) to work on in the meantime.

Step 3:
On our magical Brandslam! Day, you and I will meet for anywhere from 90 minutes to 2 hours, I’ll ask you tons and tons of hard questions — and then you can go off and relax.

Step 4:
Meanwhile, I’ll get to work on your Brandslam! Document based on our conversation.

Step 5:
Within 2-4 hours, you’ll receive your Brandslam!

Step 6:
You’ll do a happy dance because DAMN, you finally have all of those branded elements down and good to go.

Ready to get this Brandslam! on the books?


 There is ONE spot left in July.

No one buying?
Stop being boring.