You = hot.
Your website copy = not.

Sorry, not sorry.

If you’re here, you probably KNOW this already.

Because you, my dear, need an upgrade.

Chances are…


You’re dreaming of website copy that you’re actually proud of.

Copy that gets YOU fired up. Copy that fully expresses YOU and your business: from voice to message, value to story, and “Welcome!” to “BOOK NOW.”

And, if you want to see your credibility and revenue dramatically increase sometime this year, you’ll NEED HOT COPY THAT ACTUALLY PERFORMS. Kinda like a lap dance, but with words.

Fill in the blank…

When I have an AMAZINGLY branded website, I will ____________.

Yeah, you’re ready for copy that makes you drool with pride while you rake in the profits.

I know you are.

Which is why I suggest we just go ALL THE WAY.

I know, it’s a bold invitation. Too soon?

Let me clarify…

THE ALL-THE-WAY is my signature website copy package that will provide you with every bit of copy your website needs, from head-to-toe, homepage to contact page, for one round number.

We’re talking about all the stuff you KNOW you need, like...

AND all of the stuff you’re not thinking about, like…

Total value of going ALL THE WAY? Over $10,000.

Your investment starts at $5,000.

And before you even ask: YES, I have payment plans.

Think the ALL THE WAY is right for you?

Apply to work with me right now.

“Professional, efficient, and effective. Plus, the copy is compelling.

We’ve loved how creative Jamie is, as well as how she’s able to mold her style to whatever any given project needs.”
Kate Northrup & Mike Watts
The Freedom Family LLC

“I hired Jamie because I know that you only have 3 to 5 seconds to grab someone’s attention on your site – and Jamie is a pro at grabbing attention!

I was blown away by the copy Jamie wrote for me. I couldn’t believe how accurate she was in capturing the feelings and emotions that my clients experience. She really spoke to my ideal clients in a language they would understand, and I’m still amazed by her work!”
Nicole Smoot
North Star Grief Recovery

Curious about my unique process?

Here’s how we roll…

Step 1: I’ll figure YOU out.
Because I really wanna know you, boo! Really, all kidding aside, my first goal is bringing more YOU to your copy. Whether you’re a CEO with a company of many or a solopreneur who’s branding for the very first time, your VOICE is what inspires your audience to know, like, and trust you. (Also known as: the critical marketing stages that must happen before BUYING ever does!) And, while the internet may be built on technology, sounding like a ‘bot simply ain’t gonna fly. We’ll provide you with our brand voice questionnaire, and dive deep into the existing content you already have, to make sure our direction is nailing it. Seriously, I’m gonna know you so well that your therapist will be jelly.

Step 2: I’ll figure YOUR MARKET out.
I’ll do my homework by asking you all the right (and hard!) questions. If you’re short on research, I’ll provide you with simple-to-follow guidelines for gathering the info I need to do my best work. Okay, I might do some stalking too…

Step 3: I’ll review your business strategy.
Website to launches: there is ALWAYS a strategy. I’ll need to understand exactly how you envision your people interacting with your copy – from your homepage to your sales page – so we can provide work that aligns with your exact goals.

Step 4: I’ll create a killer content strategy, story, and message for YOU.
My copywriting is typically a blend of wild creativity (that resonates with your voice) and savvy sales strategy. I’ll clarify your story and message, and decide how to best arrange your content to achieve your goals.

Step 5: I’ll deliver out-of-this-world words that are true-to-you, aligned with your goals, and will woo the pants off of your clients and customers.
Hey, they don’t call me the “panty-droppin’ copywriter” for nothin’.

For a custom quote, and all the A’s to your Qs,
click below to fill out an application.

“I will definitely be working with Jamie again!"

“Her copy was consistently good and fun to read, from beginning to end."
Melyssa Griffin

“I needed someone to use language that would convert visitors, and Jamie did just that!”

“I could say what needed to be said, but couldn’t “sell it”. I needed someone to use language that would convert visitors, and Jamie did just that! Jamie dug into getting to know me and my message and was able to deliver it in a way that sounded like it came from me!”
Liz Illg
Liz Illg


“I’m speechless (haha jk, that never happens!). Girl….you NAILED IT!!!! I don’t think I’m EVER writing any of my pages myself again. Ever! I’ve already got two programs I’m thinking of doing next year and I think I need to get y’all booked asap for those because…y’all just rock! I love it! All of it! It’s perfect!”
Christy Jo Lightfoot
Southern Seven


Typically, within 4 weeks. Warning– I fill my calendar on a first come, first serve basis so if you’re in a hurry, it’s important that we get your contract signed and deposit paid STAT so I can hold your spot. (Don’t worry, I’ll grab your billing deets on our consultation call if you’re raring to go – the process easy as pie!) Please note: We also offer RUSH packages if you’re in a real bind (but those come with a 50% rush fee — because S T R E S S is expensive). 😉

FAST. My standard turnaround time is 14 days from project start, IF you do your homework on time and come super prepared to your kick-off call! I also do next-day intensives and RUSH projects on a limited basis. If that interests you, feel free to ask for more info on your consultation call!

If you prefer to pay in installments, we can get started with a 30% deposit and spread your investment out over 2 more payments to follow. We will, however, require full payment once your project completes.

I have a 98% satisfaction rate with clients. So, if you’ve been burned before, I’m happy to tell you that the disappointment stops here! I’ve worked with SO MANY people who have been consistently misunderstood by other copywriters. I know you’re scared to invest even more money and time but I’m also 110% confident that if I decide we’re a fit on our consultation call, I will NAIL your copy. Take a look at my praise page; I’ve worked with hundreds of business owners and they LOVE me.  And, if I don’t think I can nail your brand (aka if you’re boring and/or mean), I’ll tell you. Honesty is my policy, yo.

But really, if you have MORE specific questions, I’ll happily answer them.

Email your Q to info (at) thejamiejensen (dot) com. We’re here for YOU!

No one buying?
Stop being boring.