Tell a story that creates mass influence, engagement, and action.

Not one that leaves people yawning and spacing out.



Ever been in one of those situations where you’re telling a tale to a friend, and they listen to you ramble on and on aimlessly, waiting for the punchline, and then (when it never comes) they just stare blankly at you like…

“Cool story, dude.”


Yeah, eff them for making you believe you’re boring, or that you don’t tell good stories, or that no one wants to hear what you have to say.


And if those sh*tty, a-hole voices in your head are ALSO reverberating with that message, calling you BORING, or UN-TALENTED, or AMATEUR— those suckers are wrong TOO.

Wanna know why?


…and the same goes for compelling storytellers.

Think about it… do you think Anne Lamott or Stephen King or Ernest Hemingway or Diablo Cody started writing incredible books and screenplays right out of the womb? OF COURSE NOT. They wrote a whole bunch of boring, terrible sh*t first until they learned how to crack the storytelling code.

Do you think your favorite television shows and movies started as gasp-inducing ideas right off the bat? OH HELL NO. Take it from me — I’ve worked with writers in both television AND movies and I can tell you — breaking those world-shattering stories takes time, collaboration, and work (also known as: development).

It also takes a special type of knowledge and skill — for story crafting.


Because the craft of epic storytelling is TOTALLY. FREAKIN'. LEARNABLE.

You know what that means, right?

The only way for you to go is UP, baby. Because the only thing standing between YOU and the IMPACT you’re dreaming of is a well-told, audience-shaking STORY.

Because yes, you CAN master STORY, create MASS INFLUENCE, and become a STAR, no matter what you’re creating—  talk, book, screenplay, video, sales pitch, web series – and that’s exactly what we’re gonna do.

Those words and ideas that are stinking like slightly-rotten grapes? They’re only gonna get better with time like a fine, fine wine (and who doesn’t like wine?)

Those voices inside your head that tell you your work will always be $h*t? Well, you can tell THEM they’re full of $h*t because you’re now officially on the path to MASTER the craft of storytelling.

In case you’re wondering what happens once you master the rules of STORY, I’ll tell ya…

  • No more staring at a blank screen until you bleed. No more nail-biting. No more eating-a-muffin-instead-of-writing. Words will literally F L O O D out of you (OMG imagine sitting at the computer and having golden ideas and words just POURING out of those fingertips? YES.)
  • Your work will FLY instead of falling flat. Get ready to soar, baby. You’ll craft everything from blog posts to sales pages to video scripts to screenplays with more oomph, entertainment value, and emotional (read: SALES) appeal.
  • Your confidence will be on fleek — because creating content is one thing, but creating content you know is SO SO good is a whole other level of fun and “OH HELL YES, I’M DA SHITTTT”.
  • You will have a time-tested, PROVEN story formula for whenever you feel “stuck” or blocked or unsure how to move forward in your project (Because we all know the magic happens when you get movin’).
  • Your webinars, talks, videos, sales pages will CONVERT MORE SALES. Because buying is emotional, and well-told, epic STORIES are how you tug on those heartstrings in BOTH an authentic and strategic way. Holla!
  • Ideas will also start smacking you in the face on the regular. FOR REALZ. Think of this as the creativity lotto and you’re FINALLY buying tickets (ya gotta play, to win)... and get ready to roll around in that creative cash flow.

Also… Your life will change. Yeah, that’s right I said it. Because writing stories is HEALING. Get ready to be rejuvenated, invigorated, and transformed AF. (You might even create more joy and laughter and connection with those around you. WIN!)


I know what you’re thinking.
“But JAMIE, I’ve been trying to embrace my sexy god/goddess creative vibe for YEARS. How am I going to learn this story magic from television and movies??”

Trust me. I got you, boo boo.

Wave hello to…


A 12-step course that will walk you through my systematic and easy-to-follow approach to EPIC storytelling so your audience will laugh, cry, and buy.
(Also affectionately known as The Jamie Jensen Method)

In just 12 modules, I’ll give you my entire time-tested storytelling method that’s PROVEN to work.

And I’m not just talkin’ about book smarts. I’m talking about that transformative brain knowledge AND the applicable $h*t (examples, homework, mentorship, and tips and tricks) that will change your understanding of story AND teach you how to use it for LIFE. Plus, I’ll be using MOVIES + TV to teach it….



Join now before Story School closes on Saturday, February 1, 2020!

Ready to head to the front of the class?

Here’s what you’ll get when you enroll in STORY SCHOOL:


Think of it as a complete $150K USC Film and Story Degree rolled into a 12-module Intensive Semester. I sat in class for 6 years, wrote stories for 15, and worked in H’wood for 4 so you don’t have to, y’all! This 12-module course will give you ALL my education, knowledge, and mastery for using story effectively, so you can ROCK your business marketing, manuscript, passion project, AND MORE. Oh, so much more.


Remember those college days of thousand-student classes and aloof professors who didn’t even know your name? GOOD RIDDANCE. Story School is a self-study course but you’ll also get real attention, advice, and honest, accessible feedback (from MOI!) through our two BONUS Live Coaching Calls! Those will be held on Feb 20 + Mar 19 at 4pm PT).


What’s a course without a place to vent your feelings, share your work, and get some hang-time with your fellow peers? The Story School Private Facebook group will give you a nurtured space to air your worries, share your triumphs, and celebrate the incredible highs of learning how to be a better writer with your fellow writers--every step of the way.


Look, let me be straight with you: If you want serious growth, you gotta get down to serious business. Like RuPaul says “You. Better. WORK.” Story School won’t only just teach you about the mechanics of using narrative to influence and sell, but it will also teach you how to COMMIT to getting your butt in the seat and Doing. The. Damn. Work.

Here’s the deal.
AN intensive course with an expert teacher and MONTHLY FEEDBACK like this would generally cost anywhere from $3-6K.

But because I think EVERYONE needs to master the art of story to frickin’ ROCK their business, life, and creative pursuits, I’ve made Story School SUPER affordable.


  • 12 full color to-the-point video modules for no-fluff, all goodness learning [$1200 value]
  • 12 easy-to-use PDF worksheets to really anchor in each lesson [$600 value]
  • Master Story Formula PDF that you can use forever to structure and formulate future stories! [$500 value]
  • Lifetime access to all of the course content so you can move at your own pace and visit the materials at any time [PRICELESS!]

We’re at $2,300 so far… but who’s counting?!

PLUS, all these BONUSES!!

  • Two months of access to our Private Story School Facebook Group so you can connect with fellow students for feedback + support [$997 value]
  • TWO LIVE Group Coaching Calls so you can connect with Jamie and on the Story School content on a deeper level [$997 value]
  • BONUS TRAINING: Storytelling For Business so you can get clear on how to apply STORY to your book, talk, memoir, or brand! [$197 value]​
  • BONUS TRAINING: Screenwriting 101 so you can SLAY the screenplay of your dreams! [$197 value]
  • BONUS COURSE: How To Make Your Book A Bestseller from Anna David, NYT Bestselling Author [$297 value]
  • BONUS TRAINING: Book to Movie Guest Expert Call [$197 value]

+ Cost of my TWO Storytelling Degrees: $180,000
+ Time spent working in Hollywood: 48+ months (another $300,000)


Your cost is ONLY $997




By joining Story School now, you’ll also get access to the course for a LIFETIME.

I haven’t launched this course in over a year and I don’t know when I’m going to make it available again, so I would highly recommend if you’re interested in boning up on those storytelling skills, you get into the course while it’s open!

The course itself is a self-study, however, you’ll also receive the group + monthly Q&A calls for the lifetime of the program, which is something I’ve never offered before and may never offer again.



Doors shut tight on February 1!

"Jamie is a Story Jedi.
She understands story the way Samurai understood Bushido.

The violent existence of Samurai warriors needed to be tempered by wisdom and serenity. The wild existence of a creative mind needs similar refinement if it is to craft a great story. One that Hollywood gatekeepers can't turn away. One that connects with its audience. Sharpen and wield your katana of ink wisely. Jamie understands story the way Samurai understood Bushido."
Jonathan Ehlers
Writer Director of “Ink & Steel”
"Jamie has an intuitive sense of story and structure - her input has always made my work better.

Jamie Jensen is not only one of the funniest, most creative writers I know, but she also has an intuitive sense of story and structure. Her writing always inspires me to get my shit together and her feedback is always constructive and helpful. You don’t have to go digging for the note behind the note with Jamie — she’s able to point out with a lot of clarity what’s not working. And her input has always made my work better.
Aminta Goyel
Writer Producer on Amazon’s
“Gortimer Gibbon’s Life on Normal Street”
"Jamie will shift your paradigm in a way that you've never experienced.

In my four months working with her, not only has my writing vastly improved, but my creativity flows like a never-ending well. Jamie has such a lethal combination of real world advice and deep intuition that I'm consistently blown away by her expertise. She always asks the right questions and constantly pushes me out of my comfort zone. Jamie also consistently over delivers, and is like a drug that gets better with each hit (minus the comedown). I've recommended her to just about every single person I know and I'm going to recommend her to you. She will transform your life and put you in a state of creative flow like you've never experienced!"
A.J. Mihrzad
Bestselling Author, CEO and Founder of Online Supercoach
"I was really just blown away at the quality of teaching in this program.

It was so easy to follow. As someone who hated school, I really enjoyed the entertainment factor of the lessons. It didn't feel like I was wanting to fall asleep in class."
Allison Braun
Business & Lifestyle Coach

Still wondering if this course is up your alley?
Listen up, you sexy nerds.


You’re a screenwriter

looking for an easy-to-follow framework to write better movies. You’re looking for a simple way to set up a story so that you won’t fall into the dark and lonely abyss of Act 2 (“OMFG HOW DO I WRITE 60 PAGES OF “MIDDLE”?! *insert tears here*), or miss plot points altogether.

You’re a blogger, business owner, thought leader, or online personality

who has like ONE boring-ass marketing story that’s basically the same as everyone else out there and it’s feelin’ a little S T A L E. (Rags to riches? Y A W N. $h*tty health to good health? WHAT ELSE CAN I TELL PEOPLE?!!?! HELP ME!!!)

You’re a copywriter

whose job it is to CRAFT compelling stories for other people. But then your brain is like “OMFG FEED ME, HOW DO I KEEP DOING THIS?!”

You're writing a book (or desperately trying)

but it’s like wayyyyyyy longer than a Facebook post, or blog post, or email… so you’re like WAIT. HOW DA F^C% DO YOU DO THIS LONG FORM WRITING THING?!

You’ve always wanted to WRITE

but you’ve never had the balls to get started. Blank pages (and that damn. blinking. cursor.) make you cringe and you KNOW you need structure to help you roadmap your way through the story.

You want to learn a new LIFELONG skill

that will make you a better human, writer, and marketer. (I mean, who doesn’t?)

If any of this sounds like YOU, BUCKLE UP, BUTTERCUP!

We’re about to fix you riiiight up. 😉




Want all the juicy, juicy, Story School curriculum details?

Welcome to CLASS! In Modules 1 through 3, I’ll take you through the most fundamental aspects of story. You’ll learn how to…

  • Define what STORY really means. I’ll get you super solid on the three CORE ELEMENTS of any story, so you can walk away with a true understanding and a formula that you’ll be able to replicate again and again, no matter what your creative genius is brewing.
  • How to build a solid CHARACTER (this could be you, or a fictional person) that your audience can connect to, identify with, and really get behind. So they can FEEL ALL THE FEELS. (Cause that’s where they money’s at, yo!)
  • Establish a powerful GOAL– both for the impact you want to make with your story AND how to translate that into your character’s journey so that your story is cohesive, comprehensive and kick-ass.
  • How to command the basics so you can hit the ground running with your work. Think of it like figuring out what paints you’re using before you put them on the canvas. (Gotta have the tools for a masterpiece, AMIRIGHT?)

I’ll give you the dirty deets of what really makes a story live and breathe. During these modules, you’ll learn…

  • How to plot out the obstacles. Time to turn up the heat of your story and lay down those stakes, cause when it comes to story…STAKES ARE EVERYTHING. You’ll learn how to create tension and suspense for your audience so they’re on the edge of their seats! 
  • The centrality of relationships in a story and how to craft them in a believable and authentic way. I’ll teach you why relationship building is essential to the arc of character transformation and exactly how to do it so your audience is transforming right along with you.
  • How to give your story ROOTS so it can SOAR. I know. That sounds contradictory. But trust me, your BIG IDEA needs to be rooted in THREE KEY ELEMENTS (AKA YOUR  Story “DNA”) FROM THE START or you’ll NEVER be able to give your audience the ride of their lives. And hey. That’s what we’re doing here, right? Buckle up!

It’s time to zoom out so we can look at the wide-screen version, baby! During these modules you’ll…

  • Practice the art of stepping back, so you can develop a top-level understanding of your story’s structure, and how you can MASTER it so it works FOR YOU. You’ll get a clear bird’s eye view of what you’ve got goin’ on so you can expertly score your emotional plot points. (Read: how to make your audience putty in your hands)
  • Study the macro-view of story types + beats and gain the real deal Hollywood know-how of how they should be working overall to meet your goals. (and your audience’s too! duh! 😉
  • Cultivate TOTAL awareness of whether your story has what it takes to be INFLUENTIAL, IMPACTFUL, AND INSPIRING (or not).
  • Put it ALLLLLLL together with a sexy, solid AF structure. You’ll learn how to be the all-knowing architect of your creative work from start to finish. (Spoiler: IT FEELS AMAZING.)

Ready to get INTENSE about the nitty-gritty of storytelling? In these modules you’ll learn to…

  • Plot it out and plug it in. We’ll go in-depth with examples of story beats and sections and I’ll use even use bomb-ass movie clips to illustrate exactly what goes where and WHY (Booyah!) so that your next project is a BLOCKBUSTER.
  • How to deliver the FINAL PAYOFF. BOOM. I’ll teach you everything you need to know to bring this baby on home. We’ll fine-tune your words, angles, and climax to make your story even more mindblowing. Trust me, when we’re done, they’ll be begging for MORE.
  • One of my VERY favorite parts of this whole damn process: HOW TO BREAK THE RULES, ADD EVEN MORE SURPRISES, DELIGHT THE SHIT OUTTA YOUR AUDIENCE and basically, throw GLITTER all over your WHOLE STORY. (Get ready to get SHINY!)

Seriously though,
What are you waiting for?

Story School is a fun, entertaining, easy-to-grasp way to learn high impact story structure. This is the real shit, you guys. Writing effective stories will literally change your life, transform you as a person, AND massively inspire your audience.

If you’re ready to stop worrying, quit procrastinating, ditch the frustration, step into and ACTUALLY DO the powerful WORK you are called to…


  1. Click that sexy button up top that says “Join Story School Now” (or any of those other sexy buttons encouraging you to seize the day and grab the goods and jump on this sweet a$$ course).


  2. Fill in all the pertinent info (name, email, cocktail of choice-JK), and pay using any major credit card.


  3. Receive your payment receipt in an email. Stare at it lovingly and feel immensely proud that you’ve committed to doing something AMAZING with your creativity.


  4. Keep your eyes peeled for the welcome email, which will land in your inbox about 15 minutes after your purchase is complete. This email will have your login information for the course platform and everything you need to get started!


  5. Buy yourself something fun for back-to-school. YOU DESERVE IT!


Hi, I’m Jamie Jensen.

As an award-winning screenwriter, online conversion strategist, and story consultant, I’m all about helping businesses majorly increase their sales with the power of story.

At this stage of my career, I have worked in EVERY. SINGLE. ASPECT of story creation. I’ve studied Aristotle and Joseph Campbell with the support of NYU professors, worked in Hollywood in film development AND in a TV writers’ room, and written 9 feature length screenplays myself.

With mentors who’ve consulted for studios like Pixar, worked with directors like Tony Scott, produced movies like When Harry Met Sally & The Cable Guy, and wrote big Blockbusters like The Proposal, I’ve been taught by the best in the business. And now I want to share that knowledge with you.

Story School is the culmination of my love of words, my passion for narrative, my over 15 years of experience and mastery in this methodology, and my intuitive approach to teaching and mentoring creatives. Join me and let’s craft YOUR story. Because GREAT stories have the power to change the world.


I believe SO strongly in the magic of mastering story that I’m offering a FULL refund within 30 days of purchase. Yup, you read that right. If you honestly commit to 30 days of learning to master story, getting your butt in the chair to do the work, and being open to some frickin’ bad-ass TRANSFORMATION–Story School will change your life. But, if after the first 30 days you complete ALL the homework, participate in the group, show up to at least one Q&A call and STILL decide to move on, NO SHADE, BOO. Just send me all of your completed work and I’ll gladly refund you.


This is not just for creatives or writers, it's for everybody!

It's not just for screenwriters, it's not just for the entrepreneur who wants to learn how to do better with their copy. Everyone needs this -- whether you're on a stage or in a boardroom, you're always sharing different aspects of yourself. It's through communication that anything gets done. Stories help you get a point across better.
Nechelle Bartley
Owner, Money Basics
I NOW HAVE CLARITY ABOUT MY STORY + BRAND AND HOW TO EXPRESS BOTH! BOTH writing AND in-person. I actually get what voice is now, and can tell which one I’m using. AND I have a free, magical tool that I can use every day when I’m stumped. This is the third (copywriting) course I’ve tried and the modules about Voice, Creativity, and Story are the bits that are missing from other courses.
Harjit Naghra
Owner of Audacious Willow Pilates
"The lessons and feedback, along with Jamie’s expertise, helped me bring a truer voice to my writing."
Aurora Gil Rodriguez
Health Coach at Living a Better Life with Better Health
It is a great mix of fun, playful and practical. Jamie’s writing prompts and templates were super helpful, but the most useful exercise was the free-writing she had us do. Doing that almost every morning really got my writing un-clogged and more free-flowing. I also really enjoyed the Story module--it wasn't something I hadn't heard before, but it clicked in a new way for me when I worked with it in this form."
Susan Fauman
Artist + Ayurvedic Educator at Food, Sex, and Sleep
"Jamie Jensen will change the way you think about story, forever. And, like a good story, Story School has it's own A Plot and B Plot. By all means, sign up to get help writing copy for your website. Just know you're going to get a WHOLE LOT MORE."
Sandra Michelle Halling
Consultant & Coach

ALL THE F-A-Qs for Y-O-U:

A: Within 15 minutes of purchase, you’ll receive an email with login instructions and next steps. Do a giddy dance of excitement for a hot second. Then, get started! Each video and module is available to you so you can move through at your own pace.

A: Oh girrrrrrrl (or dude), don’t you worry. All the materials will be available to you so you can design your own study schedule. Plus don’t forget, you’ll have the monthly Q&A call so you can pop in whenever you need it.

A: This course probably takes about an hour a week for 12 weeks, or you could batch it all together in about 10-12 hours. Each module is about 20 minutes long + homework, plus any time you need to set aside to hop into the Facebook Group and join the monthly Q&A Call.

A: We do not currently offer payment plans for Story School at this time.

A: Well, this course doesn’t require any time-wasting or annoying homework. Every-time efficient module was designed to help you SEE stories strategically, improve your skills as an audience member so you can learn while you watch, and become a better writer and storyteller along the way. Even if you’re thinking “well, IS this the right time? I’m already SO overwhelmed…” the answer is YES. YOU NEED STORIES for everything you want to accomplish… truly… and the price for STORY SCHOOL will never be this cheap ever again. I’d grab that lifetime access NOW before doors shut tight on June 8, 2019.

I would trust Jamie with my life story.

Jamie can find the story in anything. She is an absolute pro at molding story structure and building on it with life lessons, love and laughs. In working with her on story development for our feature film, Jamie was able to take notes and masterfully find solutions to challenging script obstacles.

Jamie's passion for storytelling is complemented by her professional experience at Miramax, Mandate Films, and United Talent Agency, to name a few, PLUS a successful feature film release, and multi 6-figure copywriting business.
Nadia Munla
Producer Director of “Hannah Has A Ho-Phase” & Embodiment Coach
"Jamie’s step by step processes and detailed lessons are amazing!"
Sierra Elmore
Young Adult Contemporary Fiction Writer

Jamie’s course helped me break out of my writing rut and start feeling enthusiastic about creating blog content. Having prompts was good for motivation, but really I think the worksheets were key. The Story module video blew me away. I couldn’t get over how in depth it was. And Jamie just rules. I love her sass and charm. Most of all, I love that I now have an excellent collection of resources that I can refer to again and again.
Rebecca Santilli

Are you ready to say YES to your STORY?

• expert advice for how to slay and sell with your words,
• support from your fellow creative warriors,
• encouragement, and accountability to master your craft, and
• laser-focused direction to help you succeed —

It’s all waiting for YOU to say YES to doing the work and FINALLY learning how to make your STORY epic.


You CAN tell YOUR STORY in a way that leaves the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical impact you want. You CAN influence and inspire millions. Let me teach you how.