A 12-week intensive to supercharge your business and sales with the power of story.

You have a story. A powerful one.

One that has the potential to change thousands of lives and supercharge your success.

You see yourself dominating the internet, slaying it on stage, and selling books like candy to voracious children…

So then… why isn’t it happening?!

Maybe you’ve started that book…
Maybe you’ve taken a few “story” courses or programs…
Maybe you’ve even done a few speaking engagements already…

And YET — you’re still not leaving the impact you know you’re meant to.

You know you HAVE a story, and you might even KNOW your story… but you’re still not sure HOW to tell it in the best way possible (for maximum impact + results).

You WANT to…

  • Attract customers into your funnel with a video that’s hotter than the latest Marvel trailer
  • Create scroll-stopping content that inspires your followers to perk up and pay attention
  • Get on stage and draw tears and laughs (and sales) from the crowd
  • Send newsletters and post content that gets eyeballs GLUED to the screen
  • Host webinars that get engagement ALL the way through (and then sales, obvi)
  • Pitch yourself like a BOSS for interviews, articles, and more...

The only problem(s)?

  • That’s a lot of f*cking content and decisions
  • You’re no story expert
  • Doing this stuff for yourself is HARD damn near IMPOSSIBLE

Well, my darling, that’s precisely where I come in.

To provide the personal support you so sorely need to sort (and write) all of this out.

Say "Shazam" to

The Story Superhero

What is The Story Superhero?

A 12-week one-on-one intensive where I’ll pull your most important stories from you and help you craft the Superhero Story that will make the biggest difference to your bottom line. We’ll look the multiple content platforms you’re using in your business and devise a strategy and story plan for each.

What We’ll DO in The Story Superhero​


Superhero Story Strategy Session where we create your “Story Bank”

WEEK 2 + 3

Wonder Website: I’ll pen 3 new story-based taglines for your home page and an about OR “my story” page for you

WEEK 4 + 5

Supercharge Your Funnel with Video: I’ll write your brand story video script (aka your very own mini-superhero movie)

WEEK 6 + 7

Speak Like A Superhero: I’ll write the story components of your signature talk

WEEK 8 + 9

Wonder Webinar: I’ll write the story section of your webinar to make sure you’re nailing the presentation and getting those emotions fired up in your audience

WEEK 10 + 11

Finalizing Your Story Superhero Guide

PLUS, we have an extra week for any buffers, scheduling conflicts, or if we need a little more time or wiggle room to work on a specific concept for you.

At the end of 12 weeks you'll walk away with a MASTER Story Superhero guide… complete with a Story Bank and 4 fully written “scripts” for all of your storytelling needs.

Did I mention that ALL of this will be created strategically with your ENTIRE business model and plan in mind? (Yes, STRATEGY is one of my top strengths and advantages and the purpose of this intensive is to engineer your story alongside your strategy.)

In my world, story IS strategy...

Now, let’s get real. The value of this offer is ENORMOUS…

  • My Signature Story Superhero Questionnaire ($500 value)
  • Superhero Story Strategy Session ($3,000 value)
  • 6 Follow-Up Story Development Calls (50 minutes each) ($6000 value)
  • Done-FOR-You Website Taglines AND About Page ($3000 value)
  • Done-FOR-You Brand Story Video Script + Production Concept ($3000 value)
  • Done-FOR-You Signature Superhero Story Speech ($3000 value)
  • Done-FOR-You Webinar Story Script ($2000 value)
  • Master Story Superhero Guide containing all of the above AND to inspire your ongoing content-creation (Priceless)

Total Value: $20,500

Your investment: Way. Fucking. Less.

To be perfectly frank, I’m charging even LESS than less for the first 3 superhero clients as I’m SUPER invested in learning as much as I can from this process and generating case studies and testimonials.

It will be a 5-figure investment, but it’s also a SHARP SHARP SHARP discount from what I’d charge for any of these pieces A LA CARTE.

I mean, I typically charge $5,000 per day for strategy and writing intensives.

So… if you think this is for YOU, let’s talk about it.

Keep in mind: There are ONLY 3 spots left before June for this package.


Well, I’m an award-winning screenwriter and director with over 20 years of combined experience in story development for film and television and online marketing, funnels, sales pages, launches, webinars, and all the amazing things we do as entrepreneurs on the web. In addition to having a degree in Storytelling AND Film Producing, I’ve also done stand up, improv, and studied a multitude of acting and communication methods over the years.

When I first launched my program Story School in 2017, I was FLOORED by the hunger for story know-how that my audience had. In addition, I found that the ads we ran WITH a video (aka a really well-told story) converted at way lower ad costs than ANY OTHER ADS WE RAN.

You can’t even quantify the value of a well-told story across multiple platforms, and I totally get how confusing it can be to figure out what to say, how to say it, and where to say what too. It’s frustrating and gets in the way of YOU moving forward at lightning speed.

Here’s how we roll…

  1. We set a kick-off date
  1. You receive an in-depth questionnaire
  1. We meet for 2-3 hours, I pull tons of stories out of you, and we begin to devise your superhero story strategy — in other words, we map out where and how your story shifts depending on the medium and platform
  1. We meet bi-weekly to review and perfect your story across various platforms
  1. You walk away with a MASTER Story Superhero guide… complete with 4 fully written “scripts” for all of your storytelling needs

Your audience should want to point and watch your content as if you were Superman flying over their newsfeed.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane…. it’s YOU… showing off what makes YOU a superhero.

As a marketer, I know that standing out is only getting harder and harder and harder, especially as ad costs continue to rise, and content starts to look and sound the SAME from every single person posting. #boring

As a storyteller, it’s my personal mission to devise a unique storytelling strategy for each and every one of my clients so that they stand out and ensure their brand has the sound, look, and feel that will most deeply resonate and “click” with their audience.

My motto?

(and the money will follow)

Keep in mind: There are ONLY 3 spots left before June for this package.

No one buying?
Stop being boring.