How Kira took her personality and turned it into cash money.


As a certified life-coach, this bad-ass babe travels the world helping singles (BLESS. We’ve all been there) embrace their power, agency, and truth with her business “The League of Adventurous Singles.”

Plus she’s a blogger for Huffington post.
And a podcaster.
And rescues animals.

Oh, and she put “cheese connoisseur” in her bio so LET’S BE HONEST, WE FELL IN LOVE WITH HER.

When we got to work with Kira to rebrand her business (formerly called Traveling Light) into the new-and-improved “League of Adventurous Singles” she was equally in love with the result.

“I love how the about page takes you on a journey about my brand and who I am,” she said.  “At the end of it I have built trust, told my story and created loyal fans. That is fucking unicorn magical!!”

::Someone calling our work “Unicorn Magical” = Previously Unrealized Life Goal::

One of the aspects of our work we REALLY enjoy and–not to brag but ok we’ll brag a little–ROCK at, is understanding what needs to be done with copy in order to represent a client’s brand in a way that’s true to their tone, engaging, AND highly effective.

Kira, a highly talented writer herself, confided to us that while she felt confident in her creativity she was notttttttt the best at selling and conversion (she used stronger words but we’re paraphrasing here).  

“I suck at calls to action,” she added, “And if I can’t do those things, I don’t have a business.”

Well, don’t mind if we do–because this is what we kick ass at.

Kira did the “ALL THE WAY” package with us so we worked on overhauling EVERYTHING for her new rebrand. And, at the end of the process, “The League of Adventurous Singles” had web copy that was finally worthy of its epic work in the world.

Kira loved it.

“I never thought I would hire a copywriter,” she said, “EVER! But see the conversion on my sales pages. My cry-worthy about page…All of it, makes me know this investment in my business was a huge success.”

We love you, Kira! We’ll rebrand and eat cheese with you any ol’ time.

At a Glance

Goal: Creative copy that also CONVERTS
Struggle: When you’ve got voice for days but can’t convince clients to buy
Achievement: Bringing Kira’s personality to every page of her site so every click brings readers closer to buying
Package: All The Way

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That is fucking unicorn magical!!”