5 Simple Steps To Stop Procrastinating (And Get More Productive ASAP)

I don’t know ONE entrepreneur who hasn’t been guilty of putting something “important” off, on a relatively regularly basis.

Like maybe it’s that email where you’re going to PITCH your offer.

Or maybe it’s that text where you’re going to ASK someone for help.

Or maybe it’s that website copy you still need to write — BAHHHHH!

I get it. OH boy do I get it…

What I WILL also say though is that the most successful entrepreneurs I know get themselves out of the procrastination funk faster, and get to work so they can create the results they want to see.

Even I’ve had plenty of days where I just wanna whine and say “BUT I DON’T WANNAAAAAA”

If you find yourself ever spinning in that headspace, wondering where to start/what to do, this is for you!

Here are 5 Simple Steps To Stop Procrastinating (And Get More Productive ASAP)

Step 1: Shift your attitude

  • Often times, when we don’t wanna do something, it’s because there’s some element of fear present. Maybe it’s fear of failure, or maybe it’s fear of success, or maybe it’s the fear of not-knowing-if-you’ll-have-failure-or-success. Your first step is always going to be acknowledging fear, and then choosing an optimistic outlook, in spite of uncertainty.

Step 2: Set a realistic goal.

  • Sometimes procrastination happens because you’re simply overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. Instead of trying to “do it all,” pick ONE thing to focus on for a set amount of time. Decide what the most important task is (maybe it’s that one you’re REALLY avoiding, eh?).

Step 3: Tell somebody.

  • Accountability and support are so important, especially when you’re doing stuff by yourself – like writing, or sending texts or emails, or anything uncomfortable! If you’re not participating in a structured coaching program or class, call on your friends to be accountability buddies with you!

Step 4: Set a timer.

  • I will literally never shut up about the Pomodoro method. It’s my favorite thing ever. It’s basically a method of working in short “sprints” with a kitchen timer, but I just use my iPhone timer. This works because it means you only have to commit to something for 25 minutes at any given time! I find that 50 minutes is a magical length of time. I’ve also heard that the most productive people take a short break every hour to recharge. #protip So shut off social media. Set your phone on airplane mode. Set a timer, and do the work!


  • Heck yes! You get to decide how to do this. Do you want to… pop a bottle of Champagne (or Kombucha)? Do a dance on Facetime with your accountability buddy? Treat yourself to your favorite Netflix show? If you don’t celebrate the small wins, you’ll have a hard time celebrating the big ones too. Celebrate DAILY. Congratulate yourself for doing the work.

That’s it! Then simply rinse and repeat for next time. 🙂

And remember… 

Create like you mean it,