Not All Money Is Created Equal

In the business world, you’ll see a lot of people arguing numbers to convince you of the value of their work.  I also use the term “value” in my sales pages – as it’s important to show people every single ounce of goodness they’re getting.

But the thing is, not all money is created equal.

I recently took a trip to Los Angeles. (Investment: $1500)

For those of you who don’t know this: I used to live there.

For three years, LA was my home. It was also the place where my dreams would come true.

I couldn’t say “how,” I just had a certain knowing about it. However, 2 years into working in Hollywood, after some amazing jobs (and some shitty ones), I was farther away from my dreams than I ever expected. I was burnt out, depressed, anxious, confused, and doing very little to take care of myself – and even less to take care of my soul.

Before heading back out there for this trip, I was terrified. Like, meltdown-level, call-a-therapist, maybe-even-sedate-me terrified. I thought that by going out there, I’d trigger all of these sad feelings about leaving my dreams behind. Shit, I was already living with a lingering “what if” for 5 fucking years. Mind you, I had visited LA since my move back to the East Coast, but it had been a long time since the last visit. Cue: meltdown. I kept saying that I didn’t want to go, resisting any good feelings about it, and thinking of ways or reasons to just skip the trip altogether.

That’s what fear does. It stands in your way.

Sometimes our feelings about feelings are worse than our feelings themselves.

The truth is – there was something that I didn’t want to face in Los Angeles, and I didn’t even know what that was until I arrived there. Now I know that I just kinda miss living there. Being there, I wasn’t sad at ALL. I’m glad I didn’t back out just because my feels acted up.

You might be wondering what this has to do with money.

In the past, I had always measured the value of travel with the cost of the trip.

Is it “worth it” for $1500? Once, I even asked my manager this question before committing to a weeklong trip to take meetings with studio execs out there. He couldn’t answer that, obviously. Who could?

Because I was asking the wrong question.

Fear will make you look at the cost of something as a negative, no matter what you’re buying.

It will make you use that as an excuse to say “NO” when your heart, intuition, and dreams want you to say “YES.”

Investing in yourself, your dreams, your business, your future is not a cut and dry investment. And even “cut and dry” investments aren’t necessarily guaranteed. If I spent that $1500 on a “real” vacation, on 1 month of high-level business coaching, on an entirely new wardrobe, on an amazing cloud-like mattress – how would I measure that value?

If $1500 brings you inspiration, business connections, top notch biz strategy, better sleep, or if it just makes you feel sexy, how can you really determine what it’s worth?

Spending $1 on a tootsie roll is not the same as spending $1 on a parking meter for a meeting with someone who could change your life. Spending $1500 on a trip to the Bahamas isn’t the same as spending $1500 on your business, if that’s the future you want to manifest.

YOU decide what your money is worth, because your dreams are different.

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