Money, Money, Money.

Money isn’t everything.

And even if it was, wouldn’t those nasty “Upper Limit Problems” swing in and interfere anyway?

This is the one topic that continues to boggle my mind. I got really curious this year and decided to examine just how much of the money that I’m earning gets spent on my business.

It’s a lot. Like almost 50% a lot. And some people might balk and say “what?! That’s not smart business.” To which I say, you’re making room for the competition.

Because if you’re not willing to invest in your business, people won’t be willing to invest in you.

And I’m not just talking about the woo woo money flow stuff either. Sure, there is some kind of money karma about what goes around, comes around (for me anyway, that has always been the case.) But I’m not just talking about that. I’m talking about how spending feels to you.

You have to be comfortable spending money in order to be comfortable earning money. If you feel at all “tight” with either of those concepts – think about where that’s holding you back.

I’m pretty sure I inherited the “you have to spend money to make money” attitude from my father – I talk about him a lot, because he’s been such a huge influence on me and how I run my business. He had one saying about money that I’ll never forget. (Actually, he had a few. But this newsletter only has room for one!) Whenever there was money spent that didn’t turn out how it was intended, my father called it “tuition for life.” Got a parking ticket? Tuition for life. Bought something you regret? Tuition for life. Let someone sell you into something you didn’t really want? Tuition. For. Life.

The truth is – you’re always going to be making mistakes and learning with your business, but NOT taking action because something costs money is only keeping you from the potential growth AND the potential lesson. Not spending is a sure fire way to stay exactly where the fuck you already are. (I have a feeling that’s not where you want to be indefinitely.)

Is there something you’ve been thinking about spending money on, but haven’t, because you’re scared? Because you’re not sure if it’s the “right” investment. Because you’re not sure if you’re ever going to make that money back?

Stop that.

Meek Mill said it best.

Scared money don’t make no money.

Why? Because people can tell when you don’t invest in your business.

It says something about you. It has LESS to do with how much money you have to spend, and MORE to do with how much confidence you have in spending.

Spending money on your business means that you are willing to take a risk on YOURSELF.

It says “I’m confident.”

Not spending money on your business says “I’m not confident enough.”

But if you’re not confident in your business… who’s going to be confident in you?

You decide if you’re a success or failure.
No one else gets to decide that.

So choose wisely. Spend confidently. And take a risk on yourself, won’t you?

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