Lurk, lurk, lurk, lurk, lurk (sing it like Rihanna!)


Every list has ‘em.

Maybe you’re one of them?

If so, that’s cool with us! In fact, we love ya!

Do you have lurkers on your list? You know, subscribers that have been around for AAAAAGES but don’t ever click to schedule that call or buy?

Well, we’ve got news for you, even though lurkers may not be paying your bills, they’re actually the shit.

Perhaps you’ve been scrolling through your Mailchimp (or ConvertKit, or Ontraport, or whatever it is you’re using these days) thinking “WHY DON’T THESE PEOPLE INTERACT WITH ME?! I’m nice! I’m funny! I’m selling life-changing shit!” Well, take a deep cleansing breath, because I’m about to tell you the 3 big reasons why having lurkers is a sign you’re doing things right.

  1. Lurkers are actually lovers. I mean, why else would they be hanging out, reading your emails? They may not be buying, but they’re listening. They are picking up what you’re putting down. Your message is reaching them. And isn’t that why you started this whole biz in the first place? Unless they haven’t opened one of your newsletters in a few months (check those stats, babe!), they’re just loving you from a distance. Like that cute guy on date #3, they’re just waiting for the right moment to pounce.
  2. They’re warming up. Sometimes, sales take time. Not everyone wants to jump into bed with you right away! Some like to go slow. (Or so I’ve heard…) Maybe these lovely lurkers just need some time to get to know you. Through your (one-sided) interactions, they’re getting to know who you are and what you stand for. With every weekly email, they’re learning that your consistent and trustworthy (and AWESOME!)
    Fun fact: 15% of people who are ever going to buy from you will buy right away. BUT, those other 85%? They need some time to get cozy and warm enough to take their pants off and wallets out. So, respect their needs. Give them time. Eventually, when they need what you’re selling, you’ll be the first person to pop into their mind!
  3. Your emails are SOLID. And trust me. That is NOT the case for everyone. If you have people hanging on your list and opening your emails, take that as a HUGE compliment. It’s 2016, we all get approximately 1 million messages/emails/texts/slacks/notifications/pings/whatsapps/gchats a day and this person is STILL giving you the time of day. Damn, that’s cool.

The moral of the story is, whether you’re lurking or buying, hanging or stalking, we LOVE ya and are SO SO SO glad you’re here.

Now, if you’re interested in helping your lurkers transition into buyers, here’s the key: LISTEN to them.

Go ahead and ask them a Q in your next email or send out a survey with a cool incentive for filling it out. Or even do a few free calls to find out what they really need from you.

Love ‘em up. Like we love you.

Speak soon!
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PS – If you don’t have lurkers, that’s ok too. To each her own!

But if you want them, or if you want to turn them into buyers, we can help. (Yeah, we write pretty AMAZING + HIGH-CONVERTING emails.)
{Give Erin a shout to learn more.}