Love your business. {If you dare.}

Kittens, today I’m pulling back the curtain on some sparkly life shit.

Let’s get physical personal personal.

Soooooo when you ARE your business, it’s hard (af) to separate your business life from your personal life. Boundaries are hard. Time management is hard. Creativity on command is hard.

Hey, we can all dream about a world where every day goes exactly according to plan.

  • Your coffee brews just perfectly no dropping coffee grinds all over the floor, or yourself.
  • Your dog totally waits until you’re ready to walk him before taking a poop right in front of your front door.
  • Your outfit fits like a fucking glove, and looks even more amazing than you thought it would! #nailedit

And you’re all “OMG I totally vision-boarded this!

Nice, right?

Except the real truth is this: You can’t control everything. Those days aren’t every day. (But that’s ok!)

The problem with BEING your business is that you’re not a thing, or a machine, or a robot. You’re a human. Yeah, I said it. A HUMAN. And humans have feelings. Moods. Moments. We have friends that need us, families that piss us off, and a whole life full of interactions that impact us (and our focus).

So… Meltdowns? Bad days? Sadness??? Humanity??!!

Baby, it happens – but ain’t nobody got tiiiiime for that.

You know what else nobody’s got time for?

Falling. The Fuck. In Love.

(cue car tires screeching.)

Yup. So that happened.

YES, to ME. Erin’s all spoused up already.

You know what happens when you fall in love?

You feel all…  BYE CONTROL BYEEEEEEEEE. It was nice knowing you.

But you’re also like….. Yes. Thank you. More please.

And you examine the role control has played all along.

Mine has been responsible for a lot of shit!

Shit like…

  • Spending hours and hours and hours re-working copy like a mad perfectionist.
  • Working until 10pm (okay… 12am… okay… 2am) because #addiction.
  • Making out with a laptop instead of a person.
  • Scheduling every hour on top of the other like a wild appointment orgy (not as fun as it sounds, I promise).

All shit that I’m now NOT doing anymore. HAHA, suckas! Yes, I DID just take off my pants and go running through my hallway waving them over my head like a lunatic (not really, I’m still injured).

TRUTH: At first, taking a little distance from my email inbox in order to connect with another human on a really authentic level made me say cute, flirtatious things like “hee hee, you’re bad for business.”

Except that’s entirely fucking wrong. Because everything about LOVE is a lesson in business, and marketing, and how to make your bottom line work for YOU. SERIOUSLY. Your experience as a human is what makes your business unique. It’s what makes you valuable to your clients, and it’s up to YOU to cash in on that.

So you’re planning for success, you also need to plan for things NOT going according to plan. You need to leave room for not just your business, but your humanness (so you can use it to up your biz game!). You need to allocate space for love.

So, why is falling in love great for business?

I’m going to tell you… Stay tuned for the whole (love) story.