YHC’s Client of the Month: Kate Anthony!

Confession: I love my clients.

From head to toe, top to bottom, they are the reason that I wake up early (when I wake up early), work late (more frequently than wake up early), and create new, incredible offers that I know are gonna make their lives and businesses easier. I’m sure you can relate.

Once in awhile, when you’re as lucky as I am, you get a client who’s so totally wonderful that you just want to work with them 4eva. Like carve your names in a tree and make that shit official “4eva.” #BFF4L level stuff.

Kate Anthony is one of those clients. Why is Kate so amazing? For starters, she’s on a fiercely passionate mission to help moms deal with their personal shit to become better parents – her business is “Don’t Fuck Up Your Kids,” and that’s a mission I can truly get behind. Writing her manifesto might have been one of my proudest writer moments. #humblebrag She’s also hilarious, gorgeous, and has no problem with swear words. (We might have been separated at birth.)

Since finding me through mutual friends on the interwebs, Kate has used my All About Your About Page workbook, taken my Copy That course, and this year – after having a legit breakthrough about her brand and niche – she made the investment to have me write her website copy from scratch, and map out her email marketing funnel for her.

This month, we’re so proud to feature Kate as our client of the month!
Per the usual, we invited her to share her experience – unrated and uncut!

Check ‘em out. 🙂

kate anthony headshotYour name?

Kate Anthony

Who are you, like, for REAL?

I’m a certified life coach, educator for moms, and single mom to a dazzlingly smart, ridiculously complicated 11-year old boy with severe ADHD. I’m trained in a few modalities—individual, team and relationship coaching—and I completely geek out on emotional intelligence. I’m slightly obsessed with true crime shows, and I have a photographic memory for where shit is, which means I have never lost a sock in the dryer (#truestory), an earring, or an earring back. I can tell you where your keys are, and I know exactly where that one tiny lego piece is that my son is looking for. I’m fiercely passionate about most things, so if we’re on the same wavelength, we’re besties.

What’s your business, and what do you LOVE about it?

“Don’t Fuck Up Your Kids.” As I said, I’m fiercely passionate about most things, and this includes helping people dig through their own shit so they can become better parents. I strongly believe that we can take all the parenting classes in the world that we want, but if we don’t deal with our shit, we’re gonna pass it on to our kids and fuck them up in the process. I LOVE working with moms and helping them uncover their total badass awesomeness. I love helping women transform their lives, knowing that the image of womanhood/motherhood they’re creating is going to completely transform the little people they’re raising.

Like, it makes me do backflips I love it so much.

What made you choose Jamie and Your Hot Copy for your website?

I recently underwent part-rebrand, part-totally-starting-over. I basically scratched my entire business and started again. Having built one business, I was acutely aware of what I’d done “wrong” and where it was important that I spend my money the second time around. I didn’t have time to waste “figuring it out,” again; I was going full out or bust. Jamie had been on my list for a couple of years as my first choice for copy once I was ready, so when I reached that point, it was a no-brainer.

Which YHC package did you do?

{All The Way}

kate anthony screenshot 01

We know the power of copy– a full site overhaul is like an amazing makeover transformation that you could watch over and over on TLC (no, just us?) Anyway, we wanna know how did reading your NEW copy MAKE YOU FEEL?!

In our first conversation, Jamie said, “I’m going to write your copy from the perspective of where you want to GO in your business, not where you are now.” She then asked me very specifically where I wanted to be in my biz, and how I wanted the world to know me in 5 years. When I got my final deliverables, I was inspired to become the coach the copy made me out to be. It was a startling realization when it occurred to me that I already was. In a very real sense, the copy Jamie wrote inspired me to step into my greatest version of myself. It challenged me to take myself as seriously as my copy did. This wasn’t just about words on a page, this was about who I really am, and it’s huge.

I have to admit being slightly concerned that Jamie’s not a mom, so I wasn’t sure she’d really get the finer, more nuanced aspects of the specific issues we face. Boy oh boy was I wrong. Jamie asked deep and thorough questions, listened not just to my words, but the feelings behind them, and totally nailed the emotional life of a mom in my copy. You gotta be some kind of genius to be able to do that.

kate anthony screenshot 02

How has your new copy affected your opt-ins and sales?

My list has grown significantly, and I am in the middle of running my very first group program, thanks to the amazing sales page Jamie wrote. When people read that sales page, they are moved and inspired in some pretty amazing ways.

Gush for us. What’s are you most excited about creating this year?

I am SUPER excited about creating a steady revenue stream, about creating more programs, more options for people to buy at different price-points, and about reaching more moms. I’m really excited about becoming a thought leader in a new movement of parenting from an emotionally intelligent, personally responsible, evolved place.

Anything else you’d like us to know about your bomb diggity biz?

It’s bomb diggity!!! It’s on a fast-track to being all I could have dreamed of, and it is in NO SMALL PART because of Jamie’s magic wand.

Thank YOU, Kate! We’re so grateful for the magic that you’re spreading in the world, and I’m (personally) honored to have been part of the movement. Cheers to everyone NOT fucking up their kids – *raises champagne*… (okay, it’s a margarita) That’s a cause I can truly drink to. 😉

If you want to start seeing these rapid fire results with some hot copy for your very own website, we’re ready to service you *wink* Check out our sexy packages right here.


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