How to write an ::epic:: ABOUT page

Okay, after MANY MANY (MANY) requests to create something to help people write an about page, I’ve decided it’s time to come out of the closet.

Everyone wants a template and a formula and here is how I feel about that.

I fucking hate templates.

The reason I fucking hate templates is that they don’t help YOU sound like YOU.

Is there a structure that typically works?


But it’s also the same organic structure that tends to work in ALL narrative mediums throughout history.

In other words, just tell a good fucking story.

(Confession: Sales page DO have a few formats that tend to convert better than others. About pages do NOT.)

Please: throw a fit, hate me, and disagree.

I whole heartedly encourage you to do it and get it out of your system. 

Because when you’re done resisting this newfound freedom in how YOU want to communicate in YOUR business, we have some fucking work to do. 

After all, you need an epic about page!

Here’s how to write one in ten simple steps.

Step One: Think about your ideal client. NOT the fucking avatar version. Think of someone you actually know who would be the perfect client for you. 

Chances are, if you’ve created a business that solves a particular problem, you know at least one person with that problem. And not only that, they’re someone you like and would actually want to work with. MAYBE IT’S YOU.

Anyway, pick someone real. See their face. Hear their voice complaining about what’s irking them. The more personal you can be, the better – that’s how you connect with your reader – getting personal and thinking of them first.

Step Two: Pretend you’re sitting in a room with this person or simply writing them a letter.

Step Three: Tell them how you think they’re feeling. But say it like you’re certain. In real life, this might make some enemies but in copy – it’s exactly what you need to do.

Step Four: Explain why you understand and identify with their problem.

Step Five: Introduce the fact that you can help them, and give them a little teaser about what you do and why you’re the perfect person to help them. Why are YOU the perfect person? What can YOU do for them?

Step Six: How will they feel when they’ve overcome this problem? How did you feel? Reassure them. 

Step Seven: Tell them everything they need to know about their future and about YOU that you think they need to know. What do they really need to know to hire you? When (or if) you were in their shoes, what did you need to hear? 

Step Eight: Celebrate, because you just wrote the first draft to your about page! Hell yeah sucka!

If it helps you – talk this out, record it and then listen back and transcribe it. Or ask a friend (not your ideal because that will psych you out) to give you these prompts and record your answers.

Step Nine: Send it to someone who is kind and knows you really well and ask them if it sounds like you. (This is what I call vetting your voice.)

Step Ten: Send it to someone who is close to your ideal and see if it resonates with them or not – this is invaluable feedback and will help you target what areas work and don’t.

Then, you make your adjustments and tighten the thing up and voila! An epic about page that is true to you and speaks to your ideal client.

Bonus step: Once your story is in good shape, think about what you want your reader or potential client to DO after they read all-about-you? Go check out your services? Sign up for your mailing list? Tell them!

And if sounding like YOU on the page still feels kinda murky, or if telling a STORY makes you all wobbly in the knees, DO NOT FRET! I have an in-depth FREE workbook (yay!) that will make it oh so easy. Just click the pic below to grab your copy. 🙂