How to Sell (Without Sleaze), Part Deux: 3 Tips to Tip Your Money Scale

Better late than never! It’s time for Part Deux of “How to Sell (Without Sleaze).”

Although I’ve been frolicking in Italy with some other inspiring entrepreneurs – I haven’t forgotten about YOU or this post. Unless drinking wine to the point of total apathy counts as forgetting? I don’t think it does.

If you missed my last blog post “How to Sell Without Getting Sleazy” (a.k.a. the Part One to this Deux), it explored what feels icky about selling. In that post, I exposed that sometimes being liked feels more important than being paid. It’s a major hurdle we have to overcome with selling. It’s also nothing to be ashamed of – because it’s just a basic psychological truth – everyone wants to be liked!

And like many struggles in life and business, knowing is half the battle. The other half is actually doing something about it!

So to help you push forward with executing some non-slimy sales, I have THREE big tips for you. They will benefit your sales copy instantly (and eliminate the sleaze factor in the process).  I know, you’re feeling more genuine and less creepy already! Heeeeere we go.

1. Instead of making promises that are too big to believe, simply suggest how glorious life will be after your service.

You already know how your service will benefit your client, but do they? Do they know how much easier life will be? How much money they’ll save? How they’ll feel beautiful, confident, sexy, alive or whatever they want to feel that they’re not (YET!)? Take your ‘selling stress’ and turn it around. Think about how your client wants to feel. Think about the experience they want to have. Then, talk about how YOUR service or product will bring them closer to that experience. There’s nothing sleazy about helping them imagine the benefits that your product provides – how else will they know??

Last I checked, most of us aren’t mind readers. So unless your ideal clients are all psychic, you’ve gotta express the real benefits to them. This isn’t sleazy – it’s literally a MUST – or else no one will know what you’ve got to offer them. If no one knows, no one will buy. Awareness is the first step in marketing – make it happen!

2. Allow your sales message to declare your value in a clear, succinct way.

In other words, overselling feels sleazy. So don’t do it. You don’t need to post pictures of every award you’ve ever won or put a million and one testimonials (or loooooong ones) on your sales page. All you need are a few, powerful, to-the-point testies and a clear, direct message of how your service will change someone’s life for the better. All the excess is kinda like wearing too much make-up – it makes people wonder what you’re hiding under there…

(What ARE you hiding under there!?)

Which brings me to my next point…

3. Be as real as possible in everything you do.

Believe it or not, the purpose of your business presence is all about building trust. People buy from those they trust. And people trust those who are are consistent and reliable. So show who you are in your business, be yourself and use a consistent voice.

That also means if you’re naturally a little bit sleazy, then fucking embrace it! Hey, I’m a little sleazy sometimes and I’m okay with it.

The bottom line is this: Worry less about being sleazy and more about being you, which means speaking in your best business voice consistently.
If that at all feels hard… have no fear. I’ve got a free workbook will help you write your about page to be awesome, appealing, and most importantly: authentic. Helloooo, raving fan clients! Grab your copy by clicking below!