HOW TO ENJOY MARKETING (Yes, you actually CAN)

So the word MARKETING makes you cringe.
Not to worry, my sweet, this is totally and completely NORMAL.

I can’t say I blame you. There’s something about marketing that feels ick-ily (I MADE UP A WORD AGAIN!) selfish. Like “here’s how I’m going to manipulate YOU into buying. *Insert evil laugh here. Or cackle. Cackle is WAY evil-er.*

The thing is though, that MOST people resist what they need. They avoid, procrastinate, whine, get scared, hem and haw and ultimately (often) stay in their comfort zone — where they just spend their money on other dumb shit that makes them feel less afraid. Maybe you know what I’m talking about because you do it too! (I’m also guilty, I’ll admit it!)

But (and bear with me here), if you want to really help people, you’re going to HAVE to learn how to get them to say HELL FUCKING YESSSSS to themselves! They have to be willing to invest in themselves in order to invest in YOU, your products, your services, and the change you’re about to bring to their life. So TODAY I’m gonna tell you how to do that in way that’s actually fun!!!

Because the only thing better than helping people and making money is having FUN while you do it. 😉

Stop trying to sell like everyone else out there.

Seriously. The fastest train to ick-ville is the “copycat” express. Chances are you’re looking at someone else’s Facebook ads, sales pages, newsletters, and overall style of selling. Give yourself permission to have your own style of selling – complete with your voice, personality, and passion. NOTHING sells like your own authentic confidence and excitement – NOTHING, so tap into THAT instead of looking outside for how “everyone else” is doing it. After all, everyone else isn’t you, and isn’t that part of your unfair advantage?

Make it easy on yourself by systematizing.

Effective sales don’t happen by accident, they happen by building consistent trust and rapport with your audience and clientele, by creating products that your people are wanting and needing, and by never leaving your sales to chance (or to the last minute!). Every successful business owner I know has a system for the way they do things: from launch plans that are mapped out from top to bottom, to funnels that are strategically designed to sell their products on autopilot. Get yourself a system and prepare for success.

Get creative with it.

Here’s a fun fact: if you’re tired of seeing the same old, same old out there, reading the same types of emails over and over again, and/or getting the same information REPEATEDLY, chances are — so are your clients. Try this: Let go of the tried and true every so often to try something different. It will help you stand out, help your clients remember you for doing something different, and it will also help you have FUN. And let’s be honest, if you’re not having fun while you’re creating it, your clients aren’t having fun while they’re reading it. Period.

Hang out with your soulmate clients and actually listen to them.

Having that baller client relationship is EVERYTHING to your success. Knowing what your clients want and need, how they talk about their problems, and what type of help they’re on the lookout for is critical to creating services that will sell, and marketing them effectively. Your business (while it is YOURS) should be built around your favorite clients and how you can serve them. Once you have that in mind, you’ll never lose sleep over whether what you create will sell or not – which is NOT fun marketing.

In short: building effective relationships with clients who love you (and you love back!) is the KEY to selling out products, programs, and services. Nurturing and building those relationships with incredible content is what we LOVE to help with over at YHC. This is a huge reason why I’m offering a few one-off WTFunnel strategy sessions at a discounted rate this month, so I can help you work out those marketing kinks in your business by mapping out a client relationship strategy that works.

You’ll get —

  • My Signature WTFunnel Killer Clarity Questionnaire to help us hone in on HOW we can a) leverage your passive income products and b) have your marketing and client relationships run on auto-pilot so closing sales feels easy. (Ahhhhh!) ($97 value)
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  • 1 Map of your Marketing Funnel  – This will include a detailed list of content you’ll need to create in order to get your online marketing set up in your email campaign software. If you don’t have a freebie offer, we’ll brainstorm an idea for one. I meet clients where they are as far as the strategy is concerned. ($475 value)
  • We’ll also chat about how to improve your client relationships with STELLAR client experience. Based on what comes up on our call, I’ll likely have recommendations for this area of your business as well. Consistent client experience is KEY to growth and success. ($250 value)
  • Your recommendations, any to-dos, and your funnel map will all be delivered to you 48 hours later so you can get moving on your funnel A.S.A.P. 🙂 ($695 value)

Total value: OVER $1700! Total value over time $10,000 or more… Most people report making $2000 per month through their automated sales funnel.

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