How to BE with your WHY.


WARNING: This is some seriously vulnerable shit.


So, I haven’t written a blog post in a really long time. I’ve been focused on delivering a lot of value to my one-on-one clients. And I have to admit: I’ve slipped up a little with my own bigger business message.


I have been in the whirlwind of “go go go” and in doing so, started to let go of my own “why.”


If you’ve been hanging around Your Hot Copy long enough, you’ve heard me talk a LOT about the importance of connecting to your greater “why.” After all, it sets you apart from your competition. It makes you memorable. It makes you unique. It shows people that you’re human and real and imperfect. It brings you down to earth. It fosters connection.


So vulnerability and REALNESS are necessary for your community. Showing all sides of you in a way that offers value to your audience is, well, everything. So now, it’s my turn to take a giant step back and expose more of the human behind the brand. *wink*


This week, I’ve decided to put my money where my words are… I’ve decided to get real.


Like all great stories, it begins with a significant relationship. And mine is pretty obvious. In every way, I am my father’s daughter. (Key qualities: Driven. Business-minded. Creative.)


Now for the realness… last week marked eleven years since I lost him. Deep breath.


I’m writing this post because there isn’t a DAY that goes by in my business that I do not use a skill or value that I inherited from my father. Because his “why” is my “why.” Because when you lose someone that you love, you never truly stop missing them. But they’re also never really gone.


And while no relationships are “perfect,” I have been unreasonably lucky.


I am consistently grateful that I grew up in an environment where I was encouraged to go forth and be creative. My father, on the other hand, did not have that privilege. He struggled a lot more in his youth, in making a name and living for himself, and in discovering the value of art, creativity, and comedy. But, by his mid-twenties, he found his purpose and even started a non-profit in New York City. My father’s initiative created youth centers to teach at-risk kids art and music for free.




Because art, music, comedy, and creativity heal. They make life better. They make things okay. They build connections. They transmit experiences. They let you know you’re not alone. They help you FEEL.


Your Hot Copy is built around my writing and sales skills and what I can offer my clients. There is no denying that. But it’s also built around my personal mission to work with unexpressed creatives, because I believe that your talent is worth it. You can create work and a life that expresses YOU, IF you make the choice to value your talent (and yourself) beyond the perceived “market value.”


It doesn’t matter if you make all (or any) of your money doing it. What matters is that you’re doing it. That’s what the WHY is all about.


But here’s the thing about the WHY.

Business isn’t just about the “why,” it’s also about the “how.”


Like how I was fortunate to be raised to think like a creative entrepreneur, by a creative entrepreneur. Like how I now have countless skills to offer my clients because of it.


Since my father created his own reality, he made it clear to me that I had the power to do the same.


Most parents encourage their children to go to college.

My father offered me money to start a business instead.


Most parents push their kids to get straight As.

My father wanted me to live more and work less.


Most parents want their kids to “get a job.”

My father raised me to question authority and do my own thing.


While most parents care if their kids ace all of their subjects, my father made sure that I understood sales, business, marketing, and people. This doesn’t mean that I always listened, took all of his advice, or even skipped higher education for some sweet upstart cash (regrets are REAL). But the best things that I do in my business – for my clients and myself – are so deeply ingrained that most of the time I don’t even realize I’m doing them.

This is precisely why I’m NOW working on making all of these writing and sales skills completely teachable for you. Because this is my legacy, and it’s been invaluable to me, and it’s time to share it.


My father showed me that you can do anything you dream, with the right mindset and skill set. He showed me that when you combine your unique gifts in a way that truly helps people… you’ve found your sweet spot. (And the place where money will totally flow.)


That’s all the “why” I’ll ever need.


Tell me, what’s your “why”? What’s your “how?” And what are some ways you can share that with your clients and community? If you’re ready to dig in and tell your story, with all of the WHY and all of the RAWNESS, my free workbook “All About Your About Page” is available to help. Grab it up right here (or simply click the picture below).



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