How I Made 6 Figures (The Real Story)

Last week, I blew the door wide open on my numbers.

Now, I’m going to walk you through HOW did it. Because while I don’t think making 6 figures as a copywriter is impossible, I DO think that it take focus, dedication, and a huge dose of passion.

It also takes knowing that when you’re feeling unfocused, overwhelmed, and generally freaked out by all of the stuff that your business needs to run: you’re not alone.

That’s all normal copywriter shit!

Now before I dig in, I just gotta say that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all roadmap for business or success… sorry! Anyone who sells you that there is… kinda sucks. Because they’re either lying to you, or they themselves are deluded, so I don’t particularly recommend listening to ‘em.

That being said, let me take you on a fun little stroll through what REALLY worked for me as I built my copywriting business from nada to “holla!!!” in less than a year.

  1. DON’T DO IT ALL ALONE. Dude. If you’re still trying to do all of this alone – STOP THAT. You will literally go insane, rip your hair out, and spend more time on the floor crying than effectively writing. We live in a culture that LOVES to idolize the lone hero, but honestly: this is your life, money, and happiness. Don’t be a hero. Lifting yourself to a new income level takes risks + challenges, but none of them should be faced all alone. That’s just a recipe for failure. Your fix: Masterminds, coaches, business buddies, and mentors.
  2. GET OVER YOUR MONEY BLOCKS + INVEST. If you hold all of your income close to your chest, you’re not really moving your business forward – you’re idling. You need to spend money to make money. In the first few years of business, this is especially imperative because you’re evolving and adjusting in the most critical way. You’re figuring things out, so you need to free yourself up to do what YOU do best. Your fix: Create a realistic budget for your biz and make it happen.
  3. SAY NO + CLEAR THE CLUTTER. Saying NO is hard. You’ve probably heard that’s it’s necessary for your well-being (it is). It’s ALSO necessary for you to run your business effectively and PROFIT. You need to protect your writing time in order to get the work done, and the only way to do that is to say NO to the wrong clients, the wrong opportunities, and the wrong people. Your Fix: Review your calendar for the next month and CANCEL anything that isn’t serving you professionally and/or personally.
  4. SUCK IT UP, BUTTERCUP. Yeah. Sometimes you just GOTTA hustle and get the work done. If you’re finding it hard to focus and stay on track, you might need more support in order to stay accountable and get the most important, high-impact tasks DONE. Your fix: Just do it. Or hire someone who will help you create a realistic plan so you can focus.
  5. TRACK YOUR NUMBERS. Pay attention to your sales every. single. day. Don’t get scared or shy away from peeking, because that’s a lot like holding your breath and trying to do a workout at the same time. It don’t work! Your fix: Review your daily income and expenses until it doesn’t feel scary or icky.
  6. STRATEGIZE, RE-CALIBRATE, STRATEGIZE. Let’s be real: You’re not getting anywhere without a custom roadmap. But at the same time: things rarely go according to plan. Last minute needs pop up, clients change their tune, you get sick. It’s life. It happens. That’s what “re-calibrating” is all about. Anticipate the challenges and road bumps, and then continually reorganize your priorities around them. Your fix: Map out the last 5 hiccups that interfered with your game plan, and come up with 3 backup strategies tailored to those “hiccups” in the future.
  7. OUTSOURCE EVERYTHING HUMANLY POSSIBLE. This doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to outsource everything you really want to (“Someone cook me dinner!!”), especially in the beginning, but I know that right now, you’re already doing too much. Don’t give me that look! Your job as a copywriter is to WRITE. Your job as a business owner is to build a business. Anything that doesn’t fall into those two categories is someone else’s job. So hire them! Your fix: Make a list of the stuff that you HATE doing, and find someone within your budget who can take it over immediately.

On that note, sometimes what you really need when you become your own boss, is to hire a boss. Word. This is why I’ve worked with multiple coaches and mentors, and also why I created my exclusive copywriting mentorship program for copywriters who want GROWTH.

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