High Five Your Bad Days

I recently got a tee-shirt I was really fucking proud of and into. It has a bright pink palm tree and the words “No Bad Days” printed on it. It’s dope. It’s my fave. And I really should probably just tattoo those words on my forehead.

That is the attitude, the mantra, the way I want to live and manifest happiness. Not accepting less than awesome, having fun and dancing every day, literally and figuratively. That is the message I want to give the world and inspire in people. Every day can be awesome! Every fucking day.

But then sometimes things happen and it’s not all daisies and roses.

The last 48 hours have been exceptionally neurotic for me. I’ve made some commitments in the last week that scare me because they are going to force me to break my stride and do new things, use my energy in new and different (and better) ways, and that feels weird as fuck. While I am keeping some of the benchmarks of my life the same (my current job, hours, best friends, workout routine, etc.) I am changing the way I think and work creatively, the way I write, the way I interact with other people.

And yeah, on the outside, it may look like I’m pulling it all off so smoothly and with grace. But on the inside, I’m freaking the fuck out. My brain is fighting me so hard to move backwards into something comfortable and safe. But that is NOT the answer. That is how my natural human instinct to stay safe and glaze over fear with a false sense of security resists what I truly need. I need to break my stride, because if I don’t break my stride, I don’t grow. It’s like a muscle that needs to be broken to come back stronger.

So today I feel a little broken. This is a simple fact, and I cannot and do not want to hide it. Because it’s real.

That’s the thing about being human: Bad emotions still occur and you still have to work through them. “No bad days” is a wonderful goal to aim for, but like any goal, you cannot expect perfection. There are road bumps, there are trials, there are feelings. There is fear, anger, sadness, grief and when you are TRULY growing – there is a A LOT of it. Why? Because you are breaking old habits, letting go of the people or behaviors that are keeping you stuck, moving outside of your comfort zone, and trying new and scary things.

Pretending you are handling it like a robot who doesn’t have feelings is fucking stupid. And no one loves robots anyway. So keep it real, keep it moving, and when you have a bad day, just give it a high five like “yeah, bitch, I see you and even though I don’t like you, we’re cool,” because that’s how you know you’re truly growing.

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