Why “finding your voice” is bullshit, and what to do instead.

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I almost called this blog post “embrace your hyphenates.”

Why, you ask?

The word “hyphenates” was branded into my brain while doing time (yup, like prison) in Hollywood. You could call yourself a: Producer-director. Writer-director. Actor-writer. DP-director, and so on. So a hyphenate = a job that crosses description, role and responsibility. The idea that you can and will wear many, many hats is understood and (sorta) accepted.

Surprise: this blog post is not about job titles (fooled ya!). It’s about voice.

So how does this whole hyphenates chatter relate to your voice?

Well, much like job titles with hyphenates, your voice is multi-dimensional.

In other words, you have more than one.

Whether you want to admit it or not, there are many different characters, roles and jobs wrapped up in that wonderful package of YOU. It is pretty wonderful, right? I mean, this is how you’ve adapted in life to rise to what the circumstances call for. This is how you’ve been like a chameleon, adjusting to various environments and overcoming challenges. You are literally hardwired, from a survival perspective, to meet the world where it is.

Holla at your many voices for getting you so far!

Just think about the way you speak to a five-year-old, versus the way you speak to your boss, versus the way you speak in the bedroom. Yep. Different voices. All with value, purpose and a reason to live! All serving you in their own unique way.

“Finding your voice” is a pretty bullshit concept then. Because a) you didn’t lose it. It’s not like Nemo the fish swimming around trying to establish its independence. It’s always been there. Playing well with other voices. And b) You don’t have just one – you’ve got tons.

We are easily caught up in this idea that we have one true voice and when we find it – that’s the one! But, nay.

That’s just our romantic way of seeing it.

And just like how romance in the movies (we meet again, movies!) doesn’t reflect real-life romance (he totally texted me 2 days later), that shit ain’t real.

So stop obsessing over what voice is your one, authentic way of expressing yourself. They’re all you and they’re all authentic. Period.

Hence: embrace your hyphenates. And use them in the way they serve you. Mother, lover, chef, teacher, friend, drill sergeant, yogi, artist, hunter, warrior – whatev’s. Maybe you’re working as an office assistant but in graphic design school, awesome. Embrace both of those expressions of you – because they’re alive and they exist to serve you. And they sure as fuck don’t sound like each other.

So what is the appropriate task for a newbie (or even established) business owner trying to upgrade their internet presence and brand? What do I do with voice now? Help!

Well, first-up: shift your focus from finding to choosing.

Seriously, you have an arsenal of voices. And you get to pick. How awesome is that?

And the way that you pick, is simple. It’s the same way you pick in real life: who are you talking to? And what is the purpose?

That’s it.

You wouldn’t talk to a baby the same way you talk to your boss. Or maybe you would, if he was into that sorta thing.

So first ask yourself who you’re talking to and why, and then: which voice of yours will speak best?

Then, when you’re ready to use that voice to write a totally bang-up ABOUT PAGE…
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