Ever wish you had a superpower?

Of course you do! Everyone does. It’s a universal truth.

I can tell you if I had to choose one, it would be the power of time travel.

While of course I would use it to play with dinosaurs, kill horrible dictators, and invest in Apple, I would also go back, just a couple years, and tell myself how to start my copywriting biz without so much struggle. I’d also tell myself how to make an extra $100K with the knowledge I have now that I didn’t have then.

Sure, I’m successful now, but I didn’t pop out of my mama’s womb with a successful copywriting business, Macbook and Paypal sales a­blazin’!

Starting my business took a lot of guts, and grit, and gumption (and guzzling booze).

I’m sure you can relate to the crap I used to do, like…

  • Worrying that you’re not good enough and will never make REAL money. Self­doubt is a bitch.
  • Stalking other writers to see what they’re doing and feeling shitty about yourself for not being successful yet. Down that dark, dark rabbit hole.
  • Investing your time in stuff that doesn’t help grow your business and only eats away at your time. Biz­porn anyone?
  • Thinking making money has to be HARD. There’s no way you can actually make a living doing what you LOVE. Writers have to be starving to be considered writers…right?
  • Waking up in a cold­sweat because you’re overloaded with work and have a major case of ‘THE BLOCK.’ Can a brain run out of juice?
  • So BURNT OUT because clients are literally taking over you life. (And even your dreams) How many revisions could they possibly ask for!

The struggle is REAL!

Sadly, I don’t own a time machine but I can still use my business knowledge in the best way possible: by passing my copywriting superpowers onto YOU!

Because, look, I’ve been there.

Worrying that that I wouldn’t book enough work month to month. Questioning if I had a strong enough brand to stand out. Terrified I just wasn’t good enough to succeed.

Now, I just never want to see another copywriter lose money by making the same mistakes.

That’s why I created THE COPY CLIQUE.

I want to make sure you NEVER have to have to look back and think, ‘Damn if only I had known…’ Or ‘Shit, I wish I had done that differently.

I don’t want you to have any need for a time machine. Except to maybe keep ‘N SYNC from breaking up. (just kidding…or am I??)

THE COPY CLIQUE combines mentorship (from yours truly!) with a strong, support group of other copywriters, to help you build your biz and take your copywriting full­time in just SIX MONTHS! Just imagine a world where you can quit your day job because your copywriting biz is bringing in the bank, and your calendar is packed with clients who love your confident voice and bold brand.

Sound rad? Of course it does! But like all rad things, they don’t last. (like back massages)

You have exactly 72 HOURS to sign up or you’ll totally miss out.

PLUS! There are only 6 SPOTS available in this course so you need to act fast because only the fastest and most committed get in.

Look, I’m here for you.

So get on your big girl pants (I mean yoga pants) and sign up! This is the last chance to work with me on your copywriting biz until 2017!

Want to learn more? (you know you wanna) {CLICK HERE FOR ALL THE DEETS!


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