(Please don’t) talk SLEAZY to me. (a.k.a. How to sell without getting sleazy.)


Let’s talk about it. It’s a dirty topic. But I’m clearly no stranger to those.

It looks like a lot of us think “salesy” means “sleazy.” Like we feel weird selling. Like we feel guilty offering help or charging real money for our services. Like we don’t know how to communicate the value of our work in a way that makes people say “take all my money, please!” Let’s talk about this.

What gives? What is the problem with sleaze?

Now, I haven’t done every course on the subject (there are courses!) but I’m interested, I’m opinionated, and I have some light to shed here. So let’s go! My definition, for the purposes of this post is as follows.

Sleazy means…

  • Making promises you cannot fulfill
  • Being pushy with your sales message or style
  • Lying or using false advertising
  • Generally being unlikable, unappealing or gross

So… uh, how about just don’t do any of those things? I realize it’s more simple to say than do but we can start with… don’t lie, don’t over-promise, and don’t do more than lay it all out there. And then, there’s that last one.

Sleazy is unappealing.
You can smell it from a mile away. It smells like… cheap hair gel and ancient old man cologne.

Here’s the thing.

Underlying all of this “I don’t want to be sleazy” bullshit is a really basic human psychological trigger.

It can either make you money or keep you from making money.

We all want to be liked.

Think about it.

When you worry about asking for money, are you at all just worried that people won’t like you anymore? Would you rather be liked than be paid?

I mean, business is all about relationships. This is undeniable. Pricing your services has to be (partly) based on how your market values your services. It’s that simple. And you have to plan for that.

But think for a moment how powerful you could be if you decided not to give a shit who liked you. But you did give a shit who paid you.

Think Beyonce! “I hope you still like me.”


(Video down below, BECAUSE BEYONCE!)

Back to the point: I myself have definitely been guilty of this. Of course I want you to like me (you do, right? DON’T YOU!?). Soooo, I’m not going to dig into money blocks and all that stuff, because that’s not my bag right now.

What is my bag is helping you own your VALUE and your VOICE.

And let me tell you babycakes, the less you care who likes you and the more you are stepping into your voice and value regardless, the more you will sell.

I’m not saying to go out and be a total fucking asshole.

But the right people will be attracted to YOU being YOU.

ALL of you, not just the parts you think are likable. (‘Cause who are YOU to judge?) And you know what you can do with that little trigger we just talked about? Use it to your advantage.

In other words, like the shit out of people.
Because liking is a big fucking two-way street, with really hot cars and big-ass parades and hopefully, like, a really fun fair with bouncy castles and a lot of delicious food. Yum.

If you don’t like your people, well, then that’s a whole other set of problems sugarbooger. Let’s work that out another time.

After this dance break!

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