Don’t Delay Your Joy

What does this mean?

It means that clarifying what you want out of life, what’s next for you, what’s missing, is an imperative step to building your best possible life.

BUT there is still a pitfall in doing so. Here’s why. When you see what you want as something OUTSIDE of yourself and devote your energy primarily to attaining that desire, it’s easy to ignore the happiness you can have in the now.

Maybe you hate your job. Maybe you’re working overtime, going to school to pursue something new, to advance yourself in some way. Today’s activities and work are in the moment, and that THING you want, that you’re going after and reaching towards, is on the horizon. But what happens to all that space in between? If you’re not careful you can fall face first into it and bust your ass.

Keeping the blinders on and looking forward only can limit your view of what else life has to offer you. Maybe it’s someone you meet or maybe it’s just making time to do what you love and makes you feel good.

Finding that balance between striving and pushing and kicking back and being nice to yourself is key to not only being happy, but getting where you want to go without burning out.

I have a bad habit of telling myself that I do not deserve the happiness until I grab that brass ring. But that’s bullshit. I deserve to be happy. Today. And so do you. So get your ass out of the gap and get happy now.

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