Do you need ONE website or TWO?

Ever wonder this?

Yeah. I get this question a LOT.

Having lots of great ideas is a blessing.

At times, it can be super exciting and fun.

Other times, it can be… confusing and overwhelming.

Because when you have lots of great ideas or things you’re passionate about, it can be hard to choose an area of focus and forge ahead.

And when it comes to your business website, you’ll also have to ask…

Is this idea or offer a separate business and brand?

Does this idea or offer require a separate website?

Here’s an easy way to know if you need a second (or third!) website for your business.

It all comes down to what I call “The Brand Promise.

So, for example, MY brand promise is to help make writing and business more fun, easy, and effective for you (you creative, lightworking badass YOU!).

Notice how this promise addresses ONE specific person (a cool, smart, kind, creative human) with ONE specific outcome (improving communications for better creativity and cashflow).

Within that umbrella, there are multiple ways to receive that support. For example, I have a podcast with great stories and tips, I offer copy templates, courses on both copywriting and story, and developmental coaching to help you improve your results.

One person + one outcome = one brand promise.  
One brand promise = one website.

So, what’s YOUR brand promise?

If you’re working on your messaging, you may already be SUPER clear on this!

Pop into Creatives Making Money and share your brand promise with us!


p.s. Every creative making money has a brand promise. Whether you consider yourself an artist, a business, or both. Think about your favorite musical artist and what their brand promise is…