Create First, React Later

Holler at me if you’re one of those people that obsessively checks email.

Do you find yourself getting dragged into your inbox without much effort?

Peeking in to see who needs a reply?

Or do you use your email inbox as your to-do list? 

Stop the fucking presses!

No. Seriously. Stop that.

Because you know what happens when you operate this way?

You allow other people to control your day.

Meanwhile, the only person who should be running this tight biz ship of yours is YOU.

I’m guessing you didn’t go into business to let your email be the boss of you. 

Am I right?

Yesterday, I had a quick chat with fellow sexy entrepreneur and former filmmaking partner-in-crime Nadia Munla of The Pleasure Plate. And we were all like “what gives?” Bringing her inbox to “0” is a big deal for her, whereas I usually keep a good 20 unread emails – most of them are ideas for future projects or something I want to put on a to-do list but haven’t yet. Yeah, my brain works in strange ways…

But neither of these systems were really working for us and here’s why: we’re still allowing our email to dictate our behavior and schedule. 

So I decided to challenge the both of us and YOU to this:

Start your day without checking your email. 

Start with creating. Yes, you know what I’m going to say next: Start with writing.

Use writing to brain dump all of those amazing, energized, well-rested thoughts into a journal or blank document. And from there, start prioritizing. 

What needs to get done today? 

Is it blog posts, course content, social media scheduling, copy, program plans, scripts? Or maybe you need to write some emails to pitch yourself or make an introduction of some kind. 

Guess what? You don’t actually have to write those emails while you’re logged into your email.

Your job? Prioritize that list. Focus. Create from the heart, instead of from that “must get done” vibe that happens when you feel chained to an inbox.

And don’t open your email for at least 2 hours. Give yourself the mental space to allow ideas to flow. Give yourself the creative space every morning to make your ideas a reality. To consciously choose what gets prioritized. To deal with the demands of your inbox in a regimented way. 

Allocate one or two solid hours per day where you blast through emails, and copy and paste whatever you wrote that needs sending.

Trust me, it will change the way you operate.

And later, as annoying as this is: force yourself to log out of your inbox. Or shit, at least close the fucking window every night when you check out. 

Do you accept this challenge?

Hit me up in the comments and let me know. 



p.s. This daily writing habit is a tough one. 

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