How To Create Copy with PERSONALITY (3 hot tips!)

If you’ve tried writing your own copy, like, ever – you’ve probably experienced the dreaded “boring ass copy.”

It’s bland. You know it’s bland. You even kinda yawn when you read it over.

And like anyone who’s ever written anything, you get a little something I call “writer’s self-loathing syndrome” and want to throw the whole fucking thing away. (Only if you do that, you’re extra screwed because you’re back to the drawing board with NADA. And no one will hire you off a blank page – trust me, I’ve tried.)

You know that it’s possible to write pages that make clients so excited they practically pee their pants because they can’t wait to “buy now” (after all, you’ve purchased some programs that way yourself… admit it, we all have.)

And yet, you can’t seem to crack the code. You’re funny. You’re fun. You’re a damn smartypants if you ask me!

But HOW THE FUCK can you show all that personality (and then some) to potential clients via the written word?

I like to give it to you straight and real, sooooo I’m not going to lie to you.

Writing with voice in a way that feels effortless takes time, practice, targeted writing exercises and individualized attention. You’re not born with it. You have to develop it.

That said, I do have some quickie tips + tricks up my sleeve.

These will help you inject more YOU into your writing A-S-A-P so your copy can pop right-the-hell-now. Because time is money, and you don’t have any to waste.

Here they are, in no particular order…

1. Music References.

If you aren’t using music references in your writing, it’s a good time to start. Did you ever see the movie “Funny People”? If not, I’ll tell you why I’m asking. There’s a scene where Seth Rogen asks Audrey Plaza if she likes music. Her deadpan response?

“That’s like asking me if I like food.”

Point? Everyone likes music. And your ideal clients probably have some crossover music taste.

Use a line from a favorite song that you just know your clients would be into and voila – instant personality. Music references add instant rhythm.

2. Write like you talk.

One of the major reasons that writing with personality becomes hard is that many business owners think in vague terms when they do it. They often picture a huge audience or a faceless avatar instead of just one, real person. But you don’t have to speak to a huge audience. You just have to speak to one person in a real way. So the next time you sit down to write a page of copy, imagine you’re just writing your bestie an email. (Bonus points if your best friend has the same problems as your ideal client.) And bingo-bango – you sound like YOU.

3. Use “asides.”

This is a theatrical term for when a joke is mumbled or whispered to one character but not everyone. It’s a way for your reader to feel like they’re getting more than just information – they’re getting a sense of humor, little secrets and a true peek inside your head (because who doesn’t want that?!). <— See what I did there.

You can make little “aside” comments with parenthesis. Italics. Any way you like. It’s a great method to add some comedy and spice up your copy and it gives some instant voice and attitude (the good kind) to your writing.

If it feels hard to think about writing an “aside,” imagine you are adding an extra layer of opinion.

Here’s an example.

The sky is blue (like my ex-boyfriend’s mood after too many sangrias). That’s why he’s my ex-boyfriend. This is a double aside, but I think you get the picture. (If not, hit me up in the comments, por favor!)

For more support (and cheerleading) to amp up the voice in your writing, ch-ch-check out all the ways we can work together right here.

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